Friday, 30 December 2016

How to bring traffic

It is the worry of every Google AdSense publishers, entrepreneurs and small businesses how to bring traffic to their websites. Google AdSense Publishers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses can try out these tips to see whether traffic really increases or not for their websites, although it may not be significant increase but yes traffic may increase more than the previous method that have been used.

1. If you do not have your account linked to Google Plus, still you can write in Google plus without disclosing the website also. Use hashtag phrases in your posts that is in your website posts. Now you can choose from Free Google Keyword Tool some relevant keywords for your posts. There are many keywords so choose the best ones and many keywords for your Google plus platform for a single post that is relevant to your topic of the post. Write that keyword first and next you can write about where to visit by giving your hashtag phrases used in the posts and lastly write about your title of the post. Use as many as you like keywords selected from the Google Free Keyword Tool and keep posting in your Google Plus. You may use many such keywords and the method explained in a single day also.

2. If you have other social media sites available you can discuss the same thing there stating those hashtag phrases there and this may really help in increasing your traffic.

Google AdSense Publishers, small businesses and entrepreneurs can really bring traffic in this way although not significant increase but yes small increase you may see.

Google AdSense Publishers, small businesses and entrepreneurs can leave their comments here or share this with other Google AdSense Publishers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A new way to search by search engines

There can be a new way to search by search engines to help entrepreneurs and businesses. It could be a service by Search Engines to meet the marketing goals of entrepreneurs/businesses. It can be sort of customer coming to search engine website for buying the products and the demand would appear on search engine website belonging to sellers.There is compelling needs for many small businesses to get customers.

A new way to search by search engines #NewSeaRCHEngiNES

If search engines can create a new way to search that is Search By Customers Demand/Wants, And Their Contact Info then it can help many businesses/entrepreneurs in getting customers easily and help in their growth. A customer can come to the search engine, which is the search engine for making demand and the customer makes its demands there and write his/her contact info in that search engine website and then if this customer's demands and contact info which can be shown or cut and pasted on top of all search engines results pages (SERP) of all sellers website then this can be seen by all the businesses and entrepreneurs on the web and they can start the business negotiations any moment directly. The customer will have many a buyers to choose from. This would bring businesses for entrepreneurs and business houses by them contacting the customers themselves directly and can meet the immediate demands of their customers.

Entrepreneurs/businesses leave your comments on how useful do you think this search engine would be for your business?

Sunday, 11 December 2016

1 Best SME Awareness [Quick tip] Now for You

Pollution awareness among entrepreneurs

Industries have got equipment for minimizing the pollution level. Regarding water and solid wastes many industries have got recycle plants and for water pollution many industries have got treatment plant. Small and medium industries lacks in this. There are pollution controlling machines. What pollution equipment should be there in an industry and if it is there or not it is the duty of government authorities to check it. Sometimes pollution authorities is installing pollution controlling machines but those machines are lying idle in an industry.

When an entrepreneur is going for an industry, pollution controlling equipment should be a part of the project cost. Pollution control machines involves capital investment, it will be difficult for small industries to purchase them, so the major role is of the government. Clean cut guidelines are there in the book of Green Tribunal and MOEF.

There should be awareness of the entrepreneurs and what they should do to give to the society. For air pollution, one can start with least costing machine. Pollution is one way of bringing various diseases for the society but one cannot stop industrialization. So one should do it in sync with the development of society so that vibrant society should be there. Industries should take care that I am not passing adverse to the society by checking pollution. Develop the infra structure where the industry is sitting like there should be algae plants etc.

Goal setting for SME loan

 You have to see these things:

1. Product viability
2. Market feasibility means market acceptance of the product
3. Loan repayment

For marketing the product you have to outreach the people and for branding, if the product is of good quality and giving satisfactory/good services then automatically the brand is made.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Handicraft exhibition marketing - a guerilla marketing technique

Some of the handicraft companies and hand made products companies are using exhibitions only to market their products. They are not having any showroom to showcase their products. So they have chosen to display their products during exhibitions by participating in the various exhibitions from time to time, a guerilla marketing technique to market their products. They contact the different exhibition organizers from time to time to be aware of all the exhibitions that are coming up so that they could just book the space to display their products during exhibitions and earn from the sale of their handicraft or handmade products. When they book the space, they do not have to pay at that time to the organizer. They have to pay later so they have the chance to sell their products and pay the organizers their stall rents. There is no advance payment. That is why they prefer this kind of marketing their products. These exhibitions are coming up 12 months in a year and they have lot of scope to sell their products. #handicraftexhibitionAGuerillaMarketing

According to a handicraft exhibitor, the organizers usually give a space that is outside of the main exhibition space and the space allotted also is less expensive. The handicraft exhibitor takes the space for the amount as prescribed by the organizer and it is his responsibility to pay the rent of the space and the exhibitor mainly depends on the sale of their products in the exhibition to repay to the organizer. It is not true with all the handicraft or hand made exhibitors participating in the exhibition but mostly it is the case. If the sale is made then the handicraft and hand made products exhibitor is able to pay otherwise they undergo heavy loss. But still they prefer this way of marketing their products because most of the time they make lots of profits and prefer to do their marketing in this way. Their concern is that the organizers should understand their difficulties of this type and excuse their payments of the stall of at least 50% if they have not made any sale. The organizers should support them in this way. Many of the exhibitors said it is a kind of gambling but still they will continue with this kind of marketing.

According to another exhibitor, they make the booking of a stall depending upon the location of the exhibition. Location is important in this kind of marketing. If the stall is on the outside then the organizers should give the facilities like full carpet area, car parking should be not near to their stalls because due to dust created by cars may make their products look dirty and the organizers should look into how to protect their products during rain. There should be fan inside their stalls. Security should also be given to them as well. As the organizers charge less for their stalls sometimes the exhibitors have to go through without all these amenities. Although the organizers do not take an advance from them but the exhibitors have to pay for the transportation of their goods to the exhibition stall and also to take back the unsold goods to their homes and pay the stall rent. These expenditure is met by the exhibitors.

According to another exhibitor, in government exhibitions, stall rent is free and there are all the facilities available with the stall. Many of the exhibitors are selling their products only through exhibitions and they also give their products to whole sellers.

According to another exhibitor, the date and time of the exhibition is very important. People come to stalls during evening hours, on government holidays, etc so the organizers should keep this in mind for such exhibitions. Sometimes if we make sale also then the money goes away in giving the stall rent. So organizers should support in some ways to such small exhibitors of giving some rebate in stall rent. In business there is up and down but still one should participate in exhibitions. 

According to another exhibitor, sometimes only some commissions have to be paid to the organizers and also that depends on the sale of the products. If the sale is there the commission needs to be paid and if there is no sale then there is no commission needs to be paid. This is very good marketing method and should be encouraged.

According to another exhibitor with snacks as their products - They take stall inside the main exhibition hall. They are not there to sell the products but rather to promote their brands through distributing leaflets. When the product comes first to the market, many are not aware of the brand and the product but after participating in the exhibitions, the entire city comes to know about the company and their products, branding mileage is there in exhibition, company is coming under direct contact with the customers, inquiry is generated and deals are made.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Value addition to fishery business

The value addition scope is not there in Fishery business in Ranchi/Jharkhand. It was tried in few hotels but that was not very successful. There is local fish but local fish is in dead condition. Andhra Pradesh fish size is good and so there is demand for it in parties. Fishes are transported in vehicles loaded with water.

Breeding of Pungacious fish was first done in Jharkhand of India. The Fishery department of Jharkhand can meet 50 kg or even 2 quintals of the order for Pungacious fish today. It is a special species. In Odisha, there is no demand for Pungacious fish. In Bihar, there is high demand for Pungacious fish. There is competition of Pungacious fish in West Bengal. In Howrah, there is fish market. But the traders have their own syndication. They allow fish from other states but only on their terms which the farmers of Jharkhand  do not like and cannot compete with their terms and conditions.

In Jharkhand in one lorry, 150-200 or 300 kg fish can be transported. There is Cage culture fisheries in Jharkhand. There was production of Monosex Tilapia but the farmers are not showing keen interest because their business growth is not at par with the Pungacious fishes.

The main hurdle in Fishery business are:
  • One cannot change the taste of people
  • If the husband and wife both go to office and when there is fast life and it is difficult to handle making fish and washing fish then only value added fish would be in demand.
There are two types of market of fish:
  • Fish ready to serve
  • Fish ready to cook
There is a place in Jharkhand, where privately rice and fish curry is being sold near court during lunch hour. There is one bowl of rice and two pieces of fish in fish curry.

According to a Senior Officer in Fishery organization, Jharkhand and Bihar can be developed. The Fishery Department is going to open a restaurant in future with fish as the prime dish. Small scope may increase in this kind of value added fishery business. Ladies can enter by cooking and ready to serve. There are lots of problems because of Government rules like health management programme etc. Frozen Shrimps are being exported.There can be promotion by taking a fish plus eggs plus chicken stall in railway stations. It is complete protein food. Passengers may like this in railway stations who have been traveling for 24 hours in train because it is very spicy food and energizing food. Pungacious fish is boneless fish. It has a particular smell and taste. As it is intra muscular skeleton fish, it is best for boys who do not like to take out the bones in fish. Pungacious fish food is for ready to serve purpose. Pungacious species seeds are coming from Vietnam. In one cage there is 3-4 tons of Pungacious species fish and take 1&1/2 years to grow. Approximately 27,000 Cages have been floated. Unless and until, 40,000-50,000 annual production will not take place, no industry can come into this business but small farmers business can happen by producing 5 tons to 10 tons fish daily. If UNICEF through WHO does some experiment to make a drink because the fish flesh is very soft, then the non-vegetarian children will be very much benefited because it will be a very nutritious drink. It can be a tool to remove anemia. It is easily digestible protein and good quality protein. It has a very low percentage of cholesterol. It will be very advantageous for heart patients. There will be value addition #valueadditiontofisherybusiness. Cage production of Pungacious species of fish is taking place in Jharkhand which is first in India and presently on top.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Fishery business scope

If fish farming is taken up commercially by entrepreneurs, then there will be poverty reduction #fishfarmingforpovertyreduction.

In Jharkhand, the ponds have become polluted by Fly Ash near Patratu Dam and in the fields where pesticides are given and as that water in the fields comes to ponds, the growth of fish is affected. There is no breeding because fishes are breeding in fields etc so pesticides are adversely affecting the growth of fishes.

There is very good business scope in fisheries. There is requirement of 1,40,000 ton fish in all Jharkhand because 93% of people of Jharkhand eat fish. Production is only 1.06 lakh ton. Balance is imported from Andhra Pradesh. If somebody starts commercial fish farming, then he can earn a lot of money. There will be business growth. Capital investment is required. Fisheries can be done by  those people who have got money to invest but since people are investing in some other industry/business they are not investing in fishery. If the investment is made in fishery, then the production will increase. Within Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, now loans will be made available to people for Rs 50,000/- to Rs 1 lakh. When the loan will be applied for by the person, the project will be thoroughly reviewed. Bank Credit is there in Andhra Pradesh  but there is no bank credit in Jharkhand and Bihar that is why this sector has not grown. Neither fish farmer wants to take the loan nor bank wants to give the loan. 600 crore is going to  Andhra Pradesh, as fish is coming from there and 100 crore is going to West Bengal in the form of seed. So there is lot of business scope in this.

According to a fisherman, he started his business without taking loan and he did not want to take the loan for his fish business. He wanted a big place to sell the variety of fishes so that people need not go to another corner to buy a different variety of fish. His place should be that one stop centre.

According to another fisherman, he had difficulty of selling the fishes in the same market and found it a very hard work of maintaining the fishes like freezing the fishes etc. He was undergoing loss and so he was not interested to go for loan.


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Stock/share market for micro and small entrepreneurs/businesses

There can be micro and small businesses/entrepreneurs issuing shares to the public under a different machanism that is the company not being listed with SEBI but with a different government organization to issue shares to the public for the smooth running of their businesses or industries.

There are various types of companies like:

1. Private Limited Company having share capital
2. Public Limited Company having share capital
3. One Person Company having share capital

In One Person Company there is only one person  and there is a nominee. In Private Limited Company, there are minimum two persons.

In One Person Company the minimum investment of Rs 1 lakh (paid up capital) has to be there and similarly in Private Limited Company the minimum investment of Rs1 lakh (paid up capital) has to be there.

Both  One Person Company and Private Limited Company can issue shares to their relatives, family and friends. Public Limited Company are listed with SEBI and can issue shares to the public.

According to a financial institution, when the business is of 100 crores then one should come in share market capital because in these many years  he/she has established himself/herself but since a micro and a small entrepreneur/business man also gives employment to 3-5 persons like he keeps a sales man, a person to collect the money from the market etc and there are many families that are benefiting from a micro or small business/entrepreneurs, at some point when the business has established itself then instead of waiting for the company to become a 100 crore company, the micro and small company can be listed under different government body than listed instead of SEBI to come into share market capital. It is a viable concept that can be looked into by the Government.

According to a small scale entrepreneur, the small scale company should also have the possibility to issue shares to the public and that when the company is establishing itself not when the company has established itself. This should be there.

According to a micro businessman, firstly, it depend on the shopkeeper, whether he wants to come in stock exchange or not. But this (stock/share market) should be there. Everybody should get a chance to collect money from the market. Small business owner may become big business owner. The Government should make such rule. There will be hard work in selling even small share. Expenditure is involved and even selling small share it will require expenditure but it will be small.  All this will happen with faith. First the business should operate and establish faith in the market.

According to another micro businessman, there is advantage in this. All work will be done in systematic way. There will be customer satisfaction. There will be a chance to grow. This (stock/share market) should be there.

Micro/small businesses/entrepreneurs can comment: #microsmallentrepreneursinsharemarket #facebookentrepreneursinsharemarket #linkedinentrepreneursinsharemarket should there be a such a mechanism so that micro/small businesses entrepreneurs company issue shares to the public for the growth of their businesses? Please comment through the comment box.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Users survey 2016

Here are few survey questions. Users please take this survey.

1. Do you like the website  content?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Little

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f) Others

3) Do you find the website content unique?

a) Yes
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c) Somewhat unique
d) A mix

4) Does the website give you practical guidance on entrepreneurship and marketing tools?

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5) Do you think the website contents/solutions can help in bringing the self employment for the unemployed?

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6. Are micro business suggestions given on the website helpful?

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7. Do Government organizations, UN organizations, NGOs should work on the solutions/financial solutions provided here?

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8. Would you like to share the contents on social media?

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9. How will you help others through this website contents?

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11. Can you suggest more ideas or topics that should be written and continued with?

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School entrepreneurship resource centre

School entrepreneurship resource centre  will help schools (Government schools, private schools and municipality schools) and school students to get the information on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship from the following blog posts:

1. Youth entrepreneurship opportunities will give the various places where school/school students can get the information on who are entrepreneurs and how to start and run an enterprise. To see the information Schools and school students can go to blog post Youth entrepreneurship opportunities.

2. Factory requirements will guide about the requirements that needs to be ensured by an entrepreneur for the success of his/her enterprise. School/school students to know more can go to blog post Factory requirements.

3. banks entrepreneurs will give information on various bank loans available. School/school students to know more can go to blog post banks entrepreneurs. 

4. Youth entrepreneurship questionnaire - School students can fill this questionnaire to judge themselves how fit they are for their entrepreneurial journey. They can then read about the entrepreneurship qualities. School/school students to know more can go to blog posts Youth entrepreneurship questionnaire and Entrepreneur quality.

5. Company name gives information about how an entrepreneur/business man can have a name for his company that is only given to his company all over India. School/school students to know more can go to blog post Company name.

6. Copyright  for business gives information about how entrepreneurs can protect their ideas from being stolen. School/school students to know more can go to blog post Copyright for business. 

7. Entrepreneur notebook will guide on the information that should be there in the entrepreneurs notebook. School/school students to know more can go to blog post Entrepreneur notebook.

8. Trading skills give information on how urban poor can start their trade/business. School/school students to know more can go to blog post Trading skills.

9. Handicraft is a micro small medium enterprise. School/school students to learn more about handicrafts and the business opportunities can go to blog post Handicraft event - handicraft help centre from July 2016 onwards.

10. High school entrepreneurship gives information on how schools can encourage entrepreneurship in schools. Schools to know more can go to blog post High school entrepreneurship.

#Schoolandentrepreneurs. This School entrepreneurship resource centre which is for government schools, private schools and municipality schools will provide necessary information on entrepreneurship for schools and school students.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Company name

 How one can have a unique name for their company or business or enterprise all over India?

An entrepreneur or a businessman when chooses a name for a company if he/she wants that his/her company name should be unique and different from others then he or she should apply with the office of the Registrar of Companies to get a unique name that is a name only for his/her company and not with the District Industries Centre only.

When one forms a company then if the entrepreneur/businessman is interested to have a particular name for their company with no company having that name all over India then he/she can apply for that with the Registrar of Companies. It is only through this that a company can be allowed a particular name. What happens is that this office before allowing for that company name will check the name to find out whether it exists with any other company or not all over India. If there are other companies with similar names or a company with that particular name then the entrepreneur/businessman who has applied for that company name can not be allowed for that name of the company. But if there is no company with that name and the name can be allowed to that company then also the office cannot allow for that name before checking with the trademark office. The office will check with the trademark office whether there is a trademark in that name or not. If there exists a company with a trademark for that name then also the entrepreneur/businessman cannot be allowed to have that particular name. Similarly, if an entrepreneur/businessman approaches for a trademark for his company the trademark office will check whether a company exists in that name or not. If it exists then the trademark is not allowed to that company. Sometimes even internationally for some companies, if a company name exists then also the entrepreneur/businessman cannot be allowed to have that particular name.

So when an entrepreneur/businessman has taken registration of the company name with the Registrar of Companies, then all over India there will be only one company with that name. But when one has taken registration for their enterprise with District Industries Centre only then there can be several companies in that name. So when one wants to have a particular name for their company and wants that their company name should be only with their company all over India then one must apply for the company name with the Registrar of Companies.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Mutual Fund SIP

Mutual Fund is a pool of money, collected together from many persons/investors and is put in a fund. Mutual Fund is a collective investment scheme.  For investors there are long term schemes and short term schemes.When investment is in long term scheme the risk reduces but in short term schemes, the investment should be in such short schemes where there will be good returns. Mutual Fund in itself is a balance product. There is a mix of equity and debt in Mutual Fund so the risk reduces to a great extent. When investment is only in equity fund then risk increases. Mutual Fund is a pool of investment scheme. There are various schemes and for each scheme there are separate Fund Managers.  The Fund Managers make a Portfolio of companies that is there are various companies in the Portfolio where the Fund Manager will invest the investor's money in different percentage and also the percentage of return is different in case of different companies.

Every individual may have any of these three goals:

1. Child Future
2. Retirement
3. Wealth Creation

As per the individual's needs/interests schemes are decided for them and accordingly the Fund Manager of that respective scheme will invest the money wisely in different companies. SEBI and AMFI makes the guidelines for Mutual Fund investment that is, not more than a particular percentage one can invest in one company.

38 companies are working in Mutual Fund. In Sensex (Bombay Stock Exchange) top 30 companies index is there. In NIFTY (National Stock Exchange) top 50 companies index is there.  With the Sensex up and down it means that it gives the average performance of these 30 companies. Similarly with NIFTY up and down that means it gives the average performance of these top 50 companies.

There is open-ended and close-ended investment in Mutual Fund. In open-ended investment the investor can enter and exit according to his/her wishes but in close-ended investment in Mutual Fund the investor can enter but exit only as already decided. Open-ended investment is better than close-ended investment in Mutual Fund.

There are two ways to invest in Mutual Fund and they are:
1. Lump sum investment
2. Investment through SIP. SIP is Systematic Investment Plan which is monthly mode of investment where NAV is declared.

Types of Mutual Fund is mainly

1. Equity Fund
2. Balance Fund
3. Hybrid Fund.

In terms of risk, in Equity Fund there is high risk but also high gain.
In Balance Fund there is moderate risk.
In Hybrid Fund which is also called Debt Fund, there is low risk. Debt Fund is equal to a Fixed Deposit. When you are investing in Hybrid Fund, some investment is made in Debt Fund and some investment is made in Equity Fund.One should invest in Hybrid Fund through SIP and it is advisable to invest for 3-5 years. One may get 7% - 9% return on Debt Fund and near about 12% return on Equity Fund. So one may get a total of 19% return on their investment in Hybrid Mutual Fund.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Paper Trading

Paper Trading concept is a very good practice platform for starters those who want to make stock market exchange their business.Now what happens in Paper Trading? There are few online Paper Trading sites where one can sit and learn the tricks of doing this business. It is a place where you invest but not in  actual money but in paper money. You can choose as many companies you want to invest in, see how your investment is doing for each company, where there is loss and where there is profit. That is you are learning which company shares to buy and which company shares not to buy. The Paper Trading environment is same as if you are really investing in real life in the companies of your choice. In this concept of Paper Trading there is no risk of loosing any of your real money and you also become wiser about many companies. This will instill confidence when you get into this business because now you know and can select the companies where you can see your money grow. One may need a Demat Account to really start this stock market exchange business. Demat Account can be opened in  your own bank but you need to have Pan Card. Pan Card is a must to apply to get a Demat Account. You can open a Demat Account with Rs 500/- only.


The two companies that have shown no loss when invested in (Paper Trading) since last three weeks are Yes Bank and ONGC Ltd.  HCL Technology, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, RIL, IOC and Maruti Suzuki shares are sometimes going up and sometimes going down. IndusInd Bank and Deccan Gold shares since past three weeks have shown only loss.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bringing solutions to entrepreneurs needs!

Someone if works to  bring the solutions to entrepreneur's needs, then entrepreneurs may take the risks safely!

What happens when two entrepreneurs meet:

Nandini met Kritika. Nandini is already a woman entrepreneur. Kritika wants help in becoming a woman entrepreneur. Nandini could see the big dreams in Kritika's eyes. She could see all the qualities of an entrepreneur in Kritika. She wants to help Kritika and takes her through the entrepreneurs journey of what might come up on the way and if these are  looked into prior to begin her entrepreneurial journey then she may have more chances to succeed in her entrepreneurial journey!

 Nandini says to Kritika, Money is very important for a business to succeed. If due to any reasons, the entrepreneur is not able to pay the installments to the financial institution then the loan interest accumulates and there will be pressure on the entrepreneur. Although the financial institution support the entrepreneur but because of non-repayment of loan the interest amount keeps increasing and there is lot of burden on entrepreneur and the entrepreneur may also be not considered for another loan. The entrepreneur's industry may be declared as sick industry. Kritika,so it is the first time production, marketing and money that matters in making of an entrepreneur. So if the government, United Nations Organizations, organizations working for the support of entrepreneurs  work to achieve the financial insurance to help support the entrepreneurs through form of subsidy or financial incentives that is disbursed in the first one - two years during the implementation period to help the genuine entrepreneurs then there may be more successful entrepreneurs on the road to success. Kritika if you want you can read the details in the blog post titled: How entrepreneurs control risk as there is detailed information there.

Secondly, to get a loan is very important for an entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur keeps visiting the financial institutions and is being turned down by financial institutions saying the project is not viable even for genuine cases then it may become hard for the entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams. According to a financial institution, it may happen because the financial institution's officers money may be deducted by their management for non-performing assets and so the money lending officers do not want to take the risks. So if this internal system procedure is reduced from the management or changes then the financial institutions officials may come forward in lending money to more entrepreneurs. Kritika you can read the details about what a financial institution has to say on this and on the remedies on the blog post titled: UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Thirdly, if there is an entrepreneurs marketplace in every district for the entrepreneurs to sell the products like an ordinary Bazaar, it may help all small scale entrepreneurs in buying and selling the goods easily and this may also help in companies making their brands!

So Kritika if these solutions are provided for entrepreneurs, then you may also benefit in this manner by becoming more successful entrepreneur.

If United Nations Organizations, Government and organizations working for the support of entrepreneurs look into these three essential needs of an entrepreneur, then the road to success may be easily achieved by the entrepreneurs! #entrepreneurneedssolutions.

Friday, 29 July 2016

A Child App Idea

#Parents participation in child daily routine can create business billionaires!

The key messages from the blog post titled Empowerment of girl child into business and entrepreneurship are

Child can learn the basics of business right from their childhood.

Key Message A: Father and Mother selling child paintings. Child learning marketing!

Key Message B: Child buying toys. Child learning cost/pricing, appeal and packaging!

Key Message C: Father and Mother can afford the toy that is why they are buying it. Child learning affordability is important for buying!

Key Message D: Child friends want to buy those toys.Child learning word of mouth marketing!

Key Message E: Child sees a variety of toys in the market. Child learning that customers have a variety to choose from!

Key Message F: Child chooses the toys that she likes, which is more fun to play with and that is affordable. Child learns liking adds value to a product when buying!

Key Message G: Production of a painting requires pencils, crayons, erasers etc. Child learning tools for production!

Key Message H: Child has a Piggy Bank at home. Child in the Piggy Bank deposit and grow and then spends the money. Child learning to invest wisely. Child makes financial plans!

Key Message I: Father and Mother chooses a location to buy the toys. Child learning the advantages of a location for buying and selling!

To get more information, visit the blog post: Empowerment of girl child into business and entrepreneurship.

In collaboration with

Share #Parents participation in child daily routine can create business billionaires! #achildappidea on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Handicraft event & exhibition-handicraft help centre

For this Handicraft event starting from July 2016 onwards, here is the handicraft help centre for this blog. Many First Generation Entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs and other micro and small businesses can gain information on handicraft, handicraft business opportunities etc through this handicraft help centre or handicraft customer care.

First Generation Entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and other micro and small businesses can gain insights on:

1. How handicraft business as a business is less risky business. You can gain this information on  the blog post titled " Handicrafts as a business".

2. Why handicraft business is best for women entrepreneurs? You can gain this information on the blog post titled "one of the soft industries--".

3. The easiest way to start a handicraft business and how to go about selecting the best products and the best artisans for your business. You can gain this information on the blog post titled "The easiest way for women entrepreneurs--".

4. How to market your chosen handicraft products, to collect orders and how to go into production. You can gain this information on the blog post titled "How to market handicrafts".

5. How to price a handicraft piece or a handicraft product, that is where to learn and whom to meet? You can gain this information on the blog post titled "Pricing handicrafts". 

6.  Which are the handicraft items of Odisha, for what purposes they are being used, which are the best handicraft products to start the business with. You can gain this information on the blog post titled " Handicraft items".

7. Handicraft quiz to play. You can gain this information on the blog post titled "Handicraft quiz".

8. Handicraft questionnaire will help you to test yourself how well you are equipped to start the business. You can gain this information on the blog post titled "Handicraft questionnaire".

9.  What other organizations like organizations conducting Entrepreneur Development Programme etc can do to popularise handicraft market? Organizations working on the development of handicrafts can gain this information on the blog post titled "Youth entrepreneurship ideas".

10. How  organizations working on the marketing side of handicrafts can work together with the buying organizations like HHEC of India Ltd and CCIC of India Ltd, State Emporiums and government to help support women entrepreneurs besides artisans cum women entrepreneurs getting a counter inside these showrooms to sell their products. Organizations and women entrepreneurs can gain this information on the blog post titled " Handicraft Marketing".

First Generation Entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses and others can leave their comments on this handicraft help centre/ #handicraftshelpcentre or handicraft customer care here.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Stock market & trading for beginners

National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) are two types of companies listed and there is 50 paisa to Re 1 difference between these two types of companies.

Demat covers equity, bonds, derivatives, Initial Public Offer (IPO), Mutual Fund or Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Trading is buying and selling.

In equity, equity shares are purchased and sold and this trading depends on daily market. One has to observe the daily market to see if there are changes in the market. One can watch for companies shares values on TV, mobile etc. In equity shares, shares can be purchased from companies when shares are down and sold when shares are up.The time limit is Intraday or delivery. In Intraday shares are purchased and sold on that same day and in delivery shares can be sold any day.

Derivatives is buying and selling of a lot (land) which is for a fixed time that is 3-6 months. It starts with Rs 25,000/- investment.

IPO: In IPO, shares are purchased and sold and there is interest given that varies with companies. It requires initial investment of Rs 5 lakhs. Sensex NIFTY and Sensex Exchange ETF are two examples of IPO companies.

Bond: Bond is long term investment which is 1 year up and one does not need to show Income tax but for others under Demat below 2 lakhs profit, one need not show income tax. Bond is a long term investment and there is annual rate of interest given and again rate of interest may vary from company to company. If the investment is for 3-5 years then may be there may be a locking period also involved meaning money cannot be withdrawn during that period of locking.

Mutual Fund or SIP: In Mutual Fund or SIP, one has to deposit money for a year for a particular amount but if one needs the money urgently, one can also withdraw at the same interest, but the minimum time that one has to keep the money is for 3 months. For Mutual Fund, Net Asset Value (NAV) or interest is decided by the companies which may increase or decrease for a company where one has made the investment. The advantage with Mutual Fund is that after taking out the money whenever needed, one can either furnish that withdrawn amount or need not furnish the withdrawn amount and one can continue depositing that particular amount from the next month because at the time of taking out the money, money is withdrawn along with the interest for that entire period and one can proceed with the next month investment but the minimum period to keep the money is 3 months.

When a share is purchased or sold, then there is company brockerage of about 0.075% on both the shares purchased and the shares sold.

If an individual has already purchased a share from a company and then wants to go for IPO,  then the individual cannot go for IPO but will go for FPO that is Follow Public Offer.

NSE, BSE, NIFTY etc are all under Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Guidelines.

In saving accounts in Banks, Banks follow RBI Guidelines, and the rate of interest is same for all the banks.

According to a professional, for Demat, a mix of investment should be made. If a person has time and experience, then only he/she should go for equity shares trading because it involves high risks.

According to a housewife who is involved in equity shares trading, buying and selling of equity shares gets better after experience. Mutual Fund is a better option as it involves less risks.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

How to volunteer for un and sdgs

There are various ways of volunteering that enables to take and give to the society. An idea that can help volunteers to achieve UN SDGs.

A model of volunteering:

Volunteers are living in society. Volunteers can interact within their locality on issues that they are interested in. Volunteers can easily talk to their neighbours to get their views on their topic. The volunteers may find that some of them may be experienced in that particular field and some of them may also be specialist in that field. They can also look around their locality and may find officials working in their interest area. This volunteering model can be easily implemented by all and may give useful answers to many questions on how to meet UN SDGs. This is simply a talk/interview method that can be used by volunteers. The interview of those persons can be put in Google blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc by the volunteers that will contain the views of those people who were interviewed or were talked with and also the volunteer views or that can be sent to United Nations organizations like United Nations Volunteers (UNV) and other volunteer organizations or Government organizations working for volunteers and UN SDGs. That is it is documenting the interviews at a place and it could be even social media that give free service which can be utilized by the volunteers to let people/organizations working on UN SDGs know about the outcome of their talk/interviews. This interview model by volunteers to meet UN SDGs will bring practical response to achieve UN SDGs. This may not put pressure on the volunteers. Volunteers can interview people in their own locality and also in their neighbourhood and people employed in senior positions. There will be lot of knowledge exchange and it will be a basis to form new initiatives to reach or meet UN SDGs.

For example, a volunteer interested in entrepreneurship/business/trading can look in their locality/colony for people involved in a business/trading or a factory owner, and the volunteer can easily approach them, talk to them or take their interviews which will give their practical views, from their experiences and can also take the interview of bankers nearby their areas to get the officials views. This may not cost extra money to the volunteers as they can meet the officials in their banks where they have kept their accounts so that one fine day when the volunteer goes to bank for his/her own work, he/she can take out some time to meet the officials to know more about what is needed to achieve UN SDG Goal 9 and also meet many other banks nearby to get more clearer picture. The volunteer can also meet many traders in their locality or when they visit the mall for purchase their items/products to understand the environment of business for example and etc in what they are interested in to find out.

Another example is in a daily vegetable market. After interviewing the vegetable vendors nearby on NULM Scheme, it was found that according to one of them she is a urban poor and can show Below Poverty Line (BPL) Card for the NULM Scheme but she was not aware of this programme that is the Self Employment Programme (SEP) component of NULM which is for the urban poor and who can show BPL Card but as she knows about the scheme now may approach the concerned officer to know more about it and if possible will undertake the free training.

On the train, talking to people, interacting with them on your subject of volunteering may also lead to many useful information. For example meeting an expert on irrigation in the train, it was found that according to him, irrigation facility has to be improved to meet the UN SDG goal to double the agriculture production. There are experts all around us and without making more extra efforts one can gain useful information.

Small small interviews/talks taken by volunteers from all over the world if it can be documented to reach people, volunteer organizations, United Nations organizations, Government organizations and if this kind of volunteering be encouraged by the government and there can be a volunteer cell in every district then there is a possibility of gathering lot of useful information, and there will be exchange of knowledge to achieve UN SDGs. So this kind of  model of talking/interviewing and documenting it by not doing something more extra that is deviating from one's way can also bring knowledge of what is happening and what requires to be done to achieve UN SDGs.

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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Business environment

According to a small jewelry business owner, in a manufacturing unit or in any business, main thing in a business is the environment.

How is the environment? Is it suitable for the business? 

For example in gold business, the West Bengal artisans are the best in the country in designing gold. In the production of gold jewelries, there is machinery process (casting design) and handicraft process that is handmade production/manufacturing of gold jewelries. Manufacturing /making gold ornaments is very intricate work and can be made only by traditional artisans. Like handicrafts, manufacturing /making gold ornaments is also hand work and traditional work and the best manufacturing is done by West Bengal artisans. It is the environment.

Cash environment: The main thing in a business is cash environment because a businessman needs to have cash to give to his labourers. To survive in any business capital is required. When there is profit, then and then only a business can survive. It is because there is money for only one production and when that does not yield profit then the business can not survive. For example, in a gold business when there is profit then only the businessman can give increment to his artisans.

Taxation: Tax is another thing important in a business environment. For example in a gold business excise duty will be levied and it should not be there as it will kill small industries.

The government should give land/space to set up a business or an industry. It is also a part of the business environment. Also there should not be any encroachment.

Culture: For example in West Bengal or in South India wearing gold is a culture which is not there in Jharkhand.

Promotion: Promotion is required only to a certain extent but it is the environment that is important in a business.

#businessenvironmentforbusinesses #businessenvironment Entrepreneurs need to know their business environment to succeed in their businesses.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

How Valuable Is E-mail Marketing for Your Business

In a MSME business, how far e-mail marketing is desirable? What about postal marketing and courier marketing? How far it is desirable in business? Here is a place to start a discussion on this. #E-mailMarketing #PostalMarketing #CourierMarketing

E-mail marketing can save costs on correspondence for MSMEs. It is writing business e-mail to the customers or writing business e-mail to bring new customers.  

For entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, MBA students, others:

1. What do you prefer? E-mail marketing or postal/courier marketing and why?

2. What do you prefer? A straightforward e-mail in business or an e-mail based on human psychology and imagination?  This will be for both sides- That is when you are sending an email for marketing your products and also when you are receiving an e-mail from some businessmen/business woman marketing their products?

2. Requirements of e-mail marketing - creating anticipation  in the subject line, which may make the reader click on the mail to read the rest. For example, an ad company writing an e-mail to a jeweler to sell their ad products and the subject line could be: "Surprise for jewelers! This may make the reader click on the mail to read the rest which would be like , "now you can give TV ads at so and so price"  etc. Discuss.

What some businessmen have to say about it:


According to a businessman, e-mail marketing is good. There is immediate response to e-mail but to make a deal businessman will enquire to see if the reference is correct, then only the businessman will make a deal. Creative e-mail marketing is preferred. It is not necessary for a company to be a brand.

According to another businessman, e-mail marketing is faster/quicker and it is easy for public and although e-mail marketing is preferred, but even today courier is important in business because in business all the documents should have solid proof. A straightforward email is preferred.

According to another businessman, e-mail marketing is not preferred, because faith is not there, because company is not a brand. If the company is a brand then it is alright but for others he would prefer postal/courier marketing.

According to another businessman, Since he does not know e-mail marketing he would prefer postal/courier marketing.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Profitability in Business

Income and gains and expenses and losses are the two parts which an entrepreneur or business owner if knows would help him/her in his/her business. When income and gains are increasing then there is profit and when expenses and losses are increasing then there is loss in a business. #profitandlossanalysis

Assets and liabilities are two parts of a balance sheet. For example, if there is bank and business owners, then assets and liabilities are different for business owners and banks. The cash deposits and other forms of deposits in banks are a liability for a bank. Banks are financing by taking loan from Reserve Bank of India and it is also a liability for banks but the loan that is given to individuals/business owners/entrepreneurs is an asset for banks. Other examples of assets for banks are furniture, land and buildings etc. The interest on loan which the bank gets is an income for the bank. There is provision for bad and doubtful debts in banks because banks assume that a certain percentage of loss may be there.

For entrepreneurs/business owners  who wants to start a business, then his/her own money that he/she may put in his/her business is a liability for their firm or the loan that he/she takes from his/her friends, relatives or banks is also a liability for their firm.

On the expenses side- if the entrepreneur/business owner is paying rent for his/her office space or gives his/her own building for office space that could have been used for rent which could have brought him/her money but now that is his/her establishment cost, the number of staff that he/she keeps and their salaries based on their employment status or he/she gives goods on credit, his/her own salary that he/she may use for the month that he/she calculates according to if they were employed somewhere, and keeping provision for some percentage of loss in business or credits and etc could be added on the expenses side.

And for  example, if there is no loss for which the provision was made for then that percentage or amount of money could be carried on to the next year as profits and again the entrepreneur/business owners keeping provision for some percentage of loss in the next year, then this may be the way one can analyse the profit and loss in his/her business.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Copyright for business

Entrepreneurs/ businesses can protect their ideas from being stolen through Copyright. Entrepreneurs if you have an idea that needs to be protected from being stolen, then it is necessary to take a Copyright.

Process for Copyright: If the idea is a business method and it can be submitted in a written format, then it falls in to the category of literary work and under literary work one can take a Copyright of their business method. Copyright would be in the business name and there can be only one owner. If there is another person then his or her name could be there separated by comma, but the Examiner would decide who would be the owner. The application fee is Rs 500/-only and the application can be made both online and offline. If the application is made online then the person has to log in to fill the application form. After submitting the application form along with the fee of Rs 500/- a Diary number would be given through the mobile number or through the e-mail id. The entire processing could take 3-6 months time. When the Diary number is provided, then the entrepreneur has to reply with the two copies of the same business method that was on the application form. The moment the Diary number is given, the entrepreneur's "business method" becomes a Copyright material although the processing takes longer  but the company can carry out its business activity for that business method. The Copyright would protect the business idea both nationally and internationally. The entrepreneurs/businesses should take the Copyright of their business idea/ business methods to protect their company from their competitors and with whomever they do their business. This is one of the business requirements.

Other basic business requirements may include a website, online presence of the company through social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and etc,  company name and logo, office contact address, e-mail id address and a bank account.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Marketing methods of communication

Entrepreneurs may use these methods of communications in their marketing efforts.
  • Postal correspondence - Direct Post Advertising/Direct Post Marketing
  • Making calls through mobile
  • Getting miss calls/back calls and answering those calls on mobile
  • Toll Free Number
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Awareness campaign
  • Digital Media Marketing
Cost of Postal correspondence - Direct Post Advertising/Direct Post Marketing 
Price: For example Local (Ranchi) is Rs 1.50 per article and Inter city is Rs 2/- per article. Examples are letters, brochures, posters etc. Postman makes the delivery of any of these items but no delivery slip is provided by the Post Office. The Pin Code is required. Size is A3 size paper. Minimum of thousand pieces are required for Direct Post Advertising/Direct Post Marketing.There is no to and fro addresses on the article but the own company address can be given on the articles for example on the pamphlets. The recipients delivery addresses are given to the post office along with their Pin Codes so the Post Man can hand it over the articles to those recipients.This kind of marketing is being used by many companies and could reach a large number of customers.

 Cost of making calls through mobile: Cost for a second on mobile is 8 paisa and for a minute is 48 paisa and this is one of the BSNL cheapest mobile plan.

Cost of getting miss call/back call and answering those calls on mobile: Cost of answering miss calls on mobiles would depend how long the customer is making the call.

Cost of Toll Free Number: Cost of Toll Free Number include security money deposit (one time) is Rs 13,000/- plus Sales Tax 14.5% plus quarterly rent for three months is to be paid in advance @ Rs 1000/- plus the call charges as made by the customers every month. One can start with reconnection again after severing the services with only Rs 3000/- quarterly rent payment in advance.

Cost of E-Mail marketing: Cost of e-mail marketing would include only internet connection cost. This kind of marketing would reduce or cut cost of communication very much.

Cost of creating awareness: One of the methods could be to make a Power Point Presentation on the computer to your target markets.

Cost of Digital Media Marketing: A small demo in the form of Power Point Presentation could be given on social media and this would include only making the Power Point Presentation on your computer.

A combination of the above methods of communications may be used by the entrepreneurs to reach their customers in their target market.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Double agricultural production

According to a distributor of seeds and fertilizers, to double the agriculture productivity, there should be arrangement of irrigation and with the use of bio fertilizers and pesticides the production capacity would increase. Cow dung should be used. With good quality seeds production would increase.  There should be use of hybrid seeds. Soil testing should be done and after soil testing, as per the needs of the soil, bio fertilizers should be added. Irrigation and the best quality of hybrid seeds are very essential. There should be crop variation and then again there should be soil testing to see that the pesticide or fertilizer that had been added and that those have been reduced or have increased. There should be scientific production. The unused land should be made fertile.

The government should check on the quality of the seeds provided by the companies before it comes to the shop of the shopkeepers and it is very much necessary. Because for example if it is written on the bag of seeds, 46% nitrogen, how will the shopkeeper know whether there is really 46% nitrogen or it is less than 46% nitrogen. Factory premise check on the pesticides should be there by the government body and also on whatever is written on the bottle. The Government should impose long penalty if found otherwise.

If there is good quality seeds then there will be good growth of plants. Government university provides breeder seeds. After providing the breeder seeds, the government should under their supervision see that the breeder seeds are used in the land of the manufacturers/companies and under their supervision, should keep checking the growth of the plants and during harvesting time should see that if the growth of  the plants that is shown in the packing is more in ratio than the seeds supplied to them then the packing is not correct that is then it is wrong packing. From providing breeder seeds to the time of truthful labeling, there should be government control because if the company has got the breeder seeds from the government and then if the company mixes unwanted or sub-standard seeds then the growth would be more in ratio than the breeder seeds are provided.

Awareness among the public and farmers about all these is needed and the shopkeepers should also be made literate about the products coming to the shops.

When the seeds are sown depending on their climate/according to the season then there is good production but if the seeds are not sown timely then the production will be affected.

The expiry dates of the seeds is given for 9 months and that needs to be prolonged by the government like for 1- 1&1/2 years after the testing because sometimes the distributors are not able to sell the products during this period.
The supply chain is from the company to the distributor, distributor to retailer and retailer to the farmer. The pricing control should be there by the government for the distributor. The Government should increase the margin of the distributor. There is no equality in price. Because a farmer takes a lesser amount for the work he does for the company and the company sells it for a much much higher price. So in Government supervision a farmer should keep in paper the record of the cost of data, how much margin he is taking so that the profit after the manufacturing cost can be decided by the Government for the company. Government should bring margin equality. There is a separate margin from company to distributor and a separate margin from retailer to farmer. 

According to another distributor, company repacking should not be there. The reprint of expiry date should not be there.

According to another  distributor of seeds and bio fertilizers, the seeds are  provided by the company and the seeds are sold to the farmers. Pests can also destroy the plants. Irrigation is main then only the farmers can feel relief because then the crops will be grown and there will be sale.

All these may help to double the agriculture productivity and may help in achieving UN SDGs.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 9 target: Increase the access of small scale industrial and other enterprises in particular in developing countries to financial services, including affordable credit and their integration into value chains and markets  

The entrepreneur has to go from one bank to another bank for obtaining loan for his/her industry. He/She may convince one bank and may be not another bank and sometimes none of them. So the entrepreneur may sometimes even have to abandon the thought also. 

According to a financial institution, in the present scenario, there is high rate of non performing accounts. This is the main reason for financial institutions not willing to finance new entrepreneurs. The second reason is the lack of experience of new entrepreneurs. Loans for which  security can be provided  are being financed by the financial institutions. There are also loans that are more risky in nature. For non performing accounts fund liability is increased and for that the financial institution officials may also have to suffer.  Sometimes it happens that financial institution officials lending the money are also accountable for the non performing accounts. The official from the financial institution lending the money have to suffer by their money getting deducted by their management for the non performing accounts and so financial institutions do not like to take this risk even though there are genuine cases and even in genuine cases in general, the officials may say that the project is not viable and the entrepreneur cannot contest it. Unsecured loans are therefore not being financed by banks. There is lack of confidence in the officials to lend the money because of this internal procedure and so the internal procedure has to change. If this procedure is reduced from the management then the financial institution officials may come forward in lending money to more entrepreneurs. There are sometimes sub-standard reckless lending. But majority of the cases are hampered due to the internal management procedure and to remove these hindrances internal management procedure needs to change. And the officials require as certainty from government that if the account becomes bad the government will refinance it because then the officials can finance without any apprehension. 

Recently, schemes like Shishu, Kishore and  Tarun have been launched but it's not clear about their coverage for example for trading units. In Shishu scheme, loans upto Rs 50,000/- is being  sanctioned to the entrepreneur. If there is bona fide interest of the person in his/her entrepreneurial activity and if this loan becomes a failure then there is no problem. Shishu scheme is doing well. For entrepreneurs, today's loan is based on cibil score and it should be less than the required limit.

 According to another financial institution, it is public money that comes through safe deposit and term deposit and this money is to be given back to them so banks are careful in giving loan to entrepreneur. There is no such hard and fast rule. The entrepreneur has to convince the bank manager and the bank manager will also asses the viability of the project.and when he is convinced he will extend the loan. If there is money in the bank that entrepreneur wants to use the money later on then there is dual combination that there is money from his own source and bank source. The location of the bank is also important because if the person wants to do business in another location then it may become difficult for the beneficiaries and then the project may not be viable according to the location.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Entrepreneur hardships

  • Women entrepreneurs may have to manage their family as well as work thus reducing the time that they may have utilized to work for the growth of their industry/businesses
  • To meet more money requirement as against the expected expenses
  •  Labour exploitation - Labourers may try to exploit the woman entrepreneur may be to meet their unnecessary demands or  else they may stop the work especially if there is manual operation in the industry and the entrepreneur is dependent on labour production
  • When a woman entrepreneur is new, then giving money to persons trusting them (both known and unknown persons)  to get some work done for the business/industry and the person may give the hope of doing the work but exactly doing the opposite of not doing the work and also not giving back the money can be a hardship to bear in the business
  • When a woman entrepreneur is new and  the entrepreneur has been convinced by the manufacturer/supplier of machine to send the qualified technical person to the site to install the machine but at the time of installation of the machinery if the manufacturer or supplier of the machine only gives the print of the foundation lay out  and does not send the engineer or technical person to the site especially if it is in the most backward area to install the machine, then the woman entrepreneur may have to run around, waste money and time to search for the technical person to install the machinery at the site. The woman entrepreneur may feel harassed. 
  • In some cases,the entrepreneur can not rest until and unless quality goods from the factory site have reached the destination on time and the buyer is satisfied to give more orders
  • If the entrepreneur has been dependent on a large single market, and if the orders are not there due to change in the market demand then the entrepreneur may go through marketing hardship
  • When a bank loan installment is unpaid and the interests accrue and the financial institution official's visits continue then the entrepreneur goes through anxiety of legal action and money hardship.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Philately business

According to the interaction with people in philately business, philately items business that could be possible is:

There are stamp collectors who purchase stamps, exchange the stamps amongst them, and buy and sell them amongst themselves also. There are stamps on different subjects like on flowers, endangered species, etc. When new stamps are issued then after sometime few of the stamps may become rare also. The stamps which are available in the post office counter are general stamps.

There is advantage in philatelic business that a stamp which is for Rs 5/- cannot be sold less than Rs 5/- but it will always sell only in higher amount. It is a good way of investment. When a person will start collecting the stamps then only the person can understand this. There are 45 pieces in one sheet which is costing Rs 225/- only. Sometimes, some stamps that are released then after 2-4 days of its release it may cost Rs 1000/- also like "swach bharat" stamp. These stamps become rare stamps. There was a Gandhiji stamp which was for Rs 10/- in 1948 but  today it's price is Rs 3 lakhs. The stamps become rare after 100 years.

In a year, stamps to the value of Rs 500/- to Rs 600/ are released so a person is investing only Rs 500/- in a year which is affordable. From January to March four stamps have been released and the value of four stamps is Rs 20/- only  that is each stamp is for Rs 5/- only. So investment is less, and there is no chance of selling the stamp for less than Rs 5/- and so there is no worry.

Stamps items are purchased for use and also for show that is to keep in the drawing room. There are brass letterbox which are made in Moradabad which is famous for brass work are good show pieces. Philately is a old hobby. In the year 1752, there were brass stamp of one anna and today there are only two pieces of it- one is in Bhopal, India and the other piece is in Britain and they are worth crores of rupees. It is in philatelist collection. There are philatelic exhibition, where the stamps are exchanged, and buying and selling of the stamps occur. The exhibition occurs once in every district. World Philatelic exhibition was also organized in India in which philatelist from all over the world had participated for exchange and for buying and selling of the stamps. If a person has a full series stamp collection he has a better chance that is the demand for his stamps increases. Today, in some of the English medium schools in India, there are philatelic clubs.

Prints of Stamps are being used in designing handbags, paper bags, jute bags and rexine bags. There are photo frames with stamps on wild flowers of India, festivals of India etc. There are booklets which contains stamps of 60s and 70s and something about that is mentioned in the booklet. There are philatelic calendars. Prints of stamp are being used in designing of T shirts and coffee mugs. There are greeting cards also. Stamps are sold. Some are used ones, some are new ones and the value depend on the freshness of the stamps also.

If there could be growth of micro and small businesses in philately and if post office can give a platform to display the items of micro and small business owners in philately so that buying and selling occurs then many may become self employed and there will be poverty reduction.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Entrepreneur notebook

Entrepreneur's notebook is a notebook where entrepreneurs can keep the information about their business. When the entrepreneur is setting up his/her industry then for example when the construction work for the office building is going on then the supervisor who is supervising the work gives a daily report to the entrepreneur like how much work is completed on that day, the expenditure made on that day, the materials to be purchased the next day, the transportation cost to be met to bring the material to the factory site next day, number of labourers already engaged and how many more are required to be engaged the next day, technical person required etc. He is asking for money to buy those things and arrange for the transportation of the goods to the factory site, and give daily wages to the labourers.

The entrepreneur's note book is really a handy and efficient tool that can be used to note down the daily expenditure made on labourers and material and to keep a daily report on the work completed, the next day expenditure on material and labourers required so that day to day progress is there in the note book and the entrepreneur can refer to those daily notes to see as to how well the money is being utilized in setting up the industry. In addition, visits of the financial institutions officials and representatives of the supplier of the machine date wise along with their names could be maintained in the notebook and the date of the delivery of the machine could also be there in the note book. The delivery date of the machine in the note book will help the entrepreneur in visualizing how many days are left in the moratorium period/holiday period (moratorium period is given by the financial institution to the entrepreneur to settle down before the start of the repayment of loan) to be over before the start of repayment of loan. The money deposited as security money with the Electricity Board and the date on which it was deposited could be maintained in the notebook for fast reference. The date on which the electricity connection was given if it is there in the notebook to refer then that would help the entrepreneurs to know how much time they are taking for production and if it is delayed production then how much delayed it is (delayed production is loss of money) to keep the entrepreneurs on their toes. How much payment has been made to the raw material supplier etc if it is there in the notebook then this will help the entrepreneur to remember it at a glance in times of doubt.

The note book can contain the entrepreneurs scheduled meetings with the different stakeholders/partners, and weekly plans - so that it is easy for entrepreneurs to compare the profits and losses inside the business and the improvements made and to be followed and the talk with the buyers if it is there in the notebook then that would help the entrepreneur in remembering what they said and the next step to prepare.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Promotion patterns

The information gathered from the interaction with a small sample of MSMEs and traders to understand their Promotion pattern (promotion through TV channels, hoardings, radio, newspapers and exhibitions) that is who needed most to advertise is :

 Types  of MSMEs and traders interacted with: Jewelry business/traders, rice mill enterprises, flour mill enterprises, bread and confectioners manufacturers, automobile dealers, motor service dealers, handicrafts, polythene manufacturers, conveyor belts dealers, chemical products like phenol etc manufacturers, solar system manufacturers, security service solution providers, packers industry, fresh flower manufacturers, marts, textile traders, grocery item traders, food and beverages, detergent powder manufacturers, plastic manufacturers, offset industry, hotels, beauty parlor, garment traders, travels, logistics, spice grinders, sanitary item suppliers, paints and hardware businesses, iron and steel item manufacturers etc.

The same categories of industries/business followed the same pattern for promotion of their businesses (methods of advertising) and their need to spend on ads (in their expenditure) was also somewhat same (although expenditure varied depending on their  business capacities like micro, small and medium). For example Jewelers followed the same pattern of promotion/advertising and expenditure, rice company followed the same pattern of promotion/advertising and expenditure, garments and textile traders followed the same pattern of promotion/advertising and expenditure.

The demand for ads can be found with the jewelers, bread and confectioners manufacturers, chemicals and detergent powder and soap manufacturers, food and beverages industry, marts, motor service dealers, automobile dealers, offset industry, textile and garments traders, hotels (hotels especially in holy places), and rice manufacturers (to some extent). Many of these businesses like automobile dealers, motor service dealers, jewelers, garments businesses were giving ads through radio, newspapers and hoardings. Handicraft business also required exhibitions to have more footfalls in their showrooms in addition to other methods of promotion.

There were seasonal ads given by jewelers, garments and textile traders. The ad requirements was there during festivals like Dusshera, Diwali, marriage seasons, special occasions, and also into the middle of these festivals/occasions and for companies special offers.

For rice industry as rice is a commodity product and not a consumer good and as rice is a staple food, so ads were not required. The industry were giving ads for festival greetings for trade channels , distributors and retailers so that people get to know about them. Also there were company salesmen promoting their products.

Logistic business - Ads were given just for the sake of goodwill and to make the market aware of their presence.

Iron and Steel industries, sanitary item suppliers, paints and hardware businesses did not require ads because of the nature of their business. They were into trading as dealers of big companies and the big companies themselves did all the advertisements for their products.