Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Entrepreneur hardships

  • Women entrepreneurs may have to manage their family as well as work thus reducing the time that they may have utilized to work for the growth of their industry/businesses
  • To meet more money requirement as against the expected expenses
  •  Labour exploitation - Labourers may try to exploit the woman entrepreneur may be to meet their unnecessary demands or  else they may stop the work especially if there is manual operation in the industry and the entrepreneur is dependent on labour production
  • When a woman entrepreneur is new, then giving money to persons trusting them (both known and unknown persons)  to get some work done for the business/industry and the person may give the hope of doing the work but exactly doing the opposite of not doing the work and also not giving back the money can be a hardship to bear in the business
  • When a woman entrepreneur is new and  the entrepreneur has been convinced by the manufacturer/supplier of machine to send the qualified technical person to the site to install the machine but at the time of installation of the machinery if the manufacturer or supplier of the machine only gives the print of the foundation lay out  and does not send the engineer or technical person to the site especially if it is in the most backward area to install the machine, then the woman entrepreneur may have to run around, waste money and time to search for the technical person to install the machinery at the site. The woman entrepreneur may feel harassed. 
  • In some cases,the entrepreneur can not rest until and unless quality goods from the factory site have reached the destination on time and the buyer is satisfied to give more orders
  • If the entrepreneur has been dependent on a large single market, and if the orders are not there due to change in the market demand then the entrepreneur may go through marketing hardship
  • When a bank loan installment is unpaid and the interests accrue and the financial institution official's visits continue then the entrepreneur goes through anxiety of legal action and money hardship.

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