Friday, 31 July 2015

Handicrafts as a business

Broadly speaking to establish a small scale industry, you need  
  • to arrange raw material for production
  • to buy machinery
  • a place to instal machines
  • to construct office
  • no objection certificate (NOC) for the location of the factory
  • to obtain electricity connection
  • labor for construction work
  • labor for production work
  • office requirements like table, chair etc
  • to recruit staff like manager, supervisor etc 
  • maintenance of the machines
  • sampling cost
  • packing cost
  • bank loan 
  • required to make profits for sustainability of your industry etc and
  • you face the risks of whether the production will take place on  time or not, risks of market fluctuations which may affect the timely repayment of your loan and if there is no timely repayment of loan then there may be additional interests on loan.
 But in the traditional handicraft business, women entrepreneurs can make contacts with the artisan groups who are producing handicraft products and their homes can serve as their offices. In traditional handicraft business women entrepreneurs have to manage the production i.e. they have to see how much work has been done and how much needs to be done, whether quality material is being used in the production or not to ensure quality products and ensure timely delivery of products from the artisans so as to make timely delivery of the handicraft products to their own buyers. Sometimes they may have to arrange raw material as per the buyer's specifications for the production of traditional handicraft products and sometimes they may have to improve the designs. Women entrepreneurs can send photographs of the traditional handicraft items or samples to get orders from the buyers. They may or may not require bank loans depending on the the size of the orders. Women entrepreneurs buy handicrafts from the artisans as and when required and they make profits. So the handicraft business may pose less risks for women entrepreneurs. Here, both the women entrepreneurs and artisans benefits.

Handicraft business opportunities

The Handicraft and Handlooms Exports Corporation (HHEC) of India Limited is one of the big handicraft item buyers in India. Write to them with your products list and details.

Skill training on handicrafts: There are government programs on handicrafts training

Contact handlooms, textiles and handicraft departments to gain information


Sunday, 26 July 2015

How to market handicrafts

 How to market handicrafts

Women entrepreneurs once you have identified the traditional handicraft products and the artisans who will produce these products, you are now ready for production.You have to now collect orders from handicraft buyers to start your production.Write a letter/email to various organizations that you producing traditional handicrafts products like garden umbrella etc. Send photographs of your samples with the price quotes. Look for local handicraft associations which are into encouraging and helping the handicraft artisans and get associated with them. Sell your products to them and also participate in various exhibitions organized by them taking a free space to show case your products. Visit various handicraft exhibitions locally so that you can develop contacts with other artisans of different districts for different products. Visit different state emporiums. Sometimes they take the products on consignment basis that is first the product is sold and then the payment is made. You may get sample orders from many buyers which may be for traditional handicrafts or may be as per the specifications of the buyers. You can visit the embassies to collect the name and addresses of different handicraft buyers for export. Embassies keep a directory of the buyers. When you get orders you place the orders to the artisans for quality goods. You set a date for the delivery of those products. The production starts and you manage the production team for quality products and timely delivery of those handicraft products. The artisans may ask for advance payment to them. Here you can use your own money or take working capital loan from banks. When you get the products from the artisans you go for packing and supply the handicraft products to your buyers making timely delivery. You buy as you require incurring less risks in this business. So handicraft business is a very suitable business for women entrepreneurs.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The easiest way for women entrepreneurs to start the traditional handicraft business is to make your home your office and your home address as your office address. Find a suitable name for your company. Print letter heads and your visiting cards. Do a thorough survey of the traditional handicraft items being sold and more in demand. Decide which handicraft products you are interested in. Develop contacts with traditional handicraft artisans who are supplying to various government and big organizations. Procure handicraft products from them. You get similar products at the same price. Now you can sell to different buyers at a competitive price and make profits.

Friday, 17 July 2015

One of the soft industries that could be suitable for women entrepreneurs could be Handicraft business.