Sunday, 29 November 2015

Small entrepreneurs

A small entrepreneur can also give back to the community. When a small entrepreneur is establishing his/her factory in the most backward area then the entrepreneur is generating employment for those people and this in itself is a kind of contribution from the entrepreneur's side to uplift the people from poverty who are living in most backward areas. So rural employment can help in giving back to the society.

The entrepreneur can make a recreation club for the villagers/village youth. The entrepreneur can do it by donating a small amount of money for the club. The villagers may initially start their club with an existing brick and mud house and may be later on the house could be improved . This could be a place where the villagers/village youth could sit together and enjoy and discuss things. They could keep the FIRST AID BOX there, The entrepreneur can arrange free visits by District Industries Centre skill development teams to this recreation club to impart skills in micro businesses to those villagers/village youth as they are may be mainly farmers, gem stone extractors, villagers involved in querying or mining graphite or granite stones etc that is it could be for anything depending on what the villagers depend on for their living.

If the entrepreneur has to buy a agriculture plot for his factory land which he may have to convert it into industrial plot and if the agriculture plot is surrounded by other agriculture plots so then if the entrepreneur may have to build a pitch road/concrete road for the connectivity to the main road for transportation for carrying goods to and fro from his site then also the entrepreneur in a way is contributing towards the villagers in making them happy and providing solutions as they will be able to walk easily to their agriculture plots especially during the rainy seasons. This would be beneficial to both the entrepreneur and villagers. The small entrepreneur can also help the villagers by making small concrete road.

The entrepreneur can sit with the rural villagers to understand their problems and may take up those problems with the Collectorate office. 

Google search console explained

When an entrepreneur gets his/her business online, he/she may think that there will be many visitors to the site because it is internet and because worldwide people are using internet. But this may not be the case. The Google Search Console data gives the details about the site's performance meaning how is the website doing in search. It may be possible that some entrepreneurs or small businesses are seeing the search console data and may not understand what to infer from the data like how the website is doing or which is the top position for a website or which are the positions on the first page and so the average position of their queries or pages whether it is good for their website /pages/queries or not or the number of impressions that the website is receiving is good for their site or not or the number of countries where the page views or clicks are happening - how important it is for the website or whether does it matter for the website performance and etc. It is possible that the entrepreneurs or small businesses may have little knowledge about the technicalities of a website or about how to start analyze the Google Search Console data. By learning how to analyze the data available the entrepreneurs may improve their websites/pages/queries. The entrepreneurs or small businesses can begin to calculate their website's performance with this:

Google says, "The Queries report shows the Google search queries that generated the most impressions for your website URLs. By using this report you can identify search queries for which your site has a good average position (Average Position - The average ranking for your website URLs for the query or queries.For example if your site's URL appeared at position 3 for one query and position 7 for another query, the average position would be 5 ((3+7)/2), but poor clickthrough rates (CTR- clickthrough rate calculated as Clicks/Impressions * 100) . These are queries for which your pages get attention, so improved content could lead to more traffic. Keep in mind that the most typical search queries return only a single URL from your site and the average position for a search query is based on single URL position. In the case where the query returns more than one URL from your site, the average position is based on the most prominent URL in the search results when only a low number of URLs from your site are displayed.

Landing Pages Report - The Landing Pages report shows the URLs to your websites that have generated the most impressions (Impressions - The number of times any URL from your site appeared  in Google Web search results). With this report, you can identify landing pages on your site that have good click through rates (CTR), but have poor average positions in search results. These could be pages that people want to see, but have trouble finding it. In addition, a single URL is typically associated with many unique queries. For this reason, the average position ranking for a given page can be influenced by more generic queries, and if you are comparing the top landing pages to the top queries with respect to Average Position, you should keep this in mind.  For example, for a website dedicated to classic automobiles a query such as classic automobiles must return the URL for the home page only, whereas a query such as classic automobiles Ford might return the URL for the home page as well as other pages in the site. In this case the generic query improves the position ranking for the home page over the ranking of pages that are more specific in nature.

SEO Geographical Summary report - The Geographical Summary report provides a general view of Impressions, Click, and CTR by country. At a glance you can see which countries are generating the most search activity for your site on Google Search".

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Handicraft items

The traditional handicraft items of Orissa which entrepreneurs could select for their handicraft business are traditional garden umbrella, hand umbrella and canopies in applique work, wood carving - wooden toys, god and goddesses figures, wooden painted toys that include wooden painted animals, birds, butterflies, flowers etc. Wooden painted toys are very cheap and beautiful items that could be used to decorate drawing rooms etc and there are wooden painted numbers and alphabets hangings that could be used for educational purposes, exotic wooden painted toys partition are available that could be used for office purposes and drawing room and dining room  partition etc, boxes decorated with lacquer work are beautiful to look at and that could be used for keeping jewelries, even walls could be decorated with lacquer work, wall hangings, wall letter hangings and hanging lampshades in beautiful colour combinations that are made up of applique work are available, golden grass hats, wooden painted toys that include flowers, butterflies, animals, birds etc fixed on golden grass that could be used for decoration purposes are available, plain golden grass items like drinking glass covers, coffee mug covers etc that could be used for dinner tables, office tables etc are also highly qualitative items, there are golden grass boxes that are used for kitchen purposes like to keep chapatis which would also add decoration to the table, file covers with applique work for office use purposes are in many beautiful designs, cushion covers, table cloth, bed covers, etc having applique work on them are also available that could be used in home decorations etc, silver filigree ornaments, dhokra items that include for example animals like fish, elephants etc which are available in both small and big sizes - small dhokra items are also cheap handicraft items,  traditional terracotta items, beautiful traditional playing cards that is unique handicrafts that could be used for glass covers etc, pattachitra paintings, palm leaf engravings, stone carving - beautiful stone garden lamps used for decorating gardens of hotels, houses etc, stone table lamps,  stone figures of gods and godesses etc and many other traditional handicraft items of Orissa.

Many of these traditional items could be made as per the specifications of the buyers. These items are decorating drawing rooms, gardens, dining rooms, offices, being used as gift items and personal use. Pipli is a place in Orissa where one can see the various traditional handicrafts of Orissa. There is also crafts village where artisans are manufacturing and selling traditional handicrafts of Orissa.

If entrepreneurs are looking for handicraft loan, bank will look at credit limit, all setup stocks at their end and the market. To explore the market possibility for the chosen handicrafts you may have to give the unique story about that particular handicrafts, from where you are sourcing it or how you have created it.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Empowering women entrepreneurs on Women's Entrepreneurship Day.

1. Handicraft business opportunities for women entrepreneurs - The Handicrafts and Handloom Exports (HHEC) Corporation of India Limited and Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Limited are two of the big buyers of Handicraft items in India.

2. To Do
Women entrepreneurs Marketplace - Government may provide a marketplace( to empower women), where small entrepreneurs can showcase or sell their products.  A market for selling and buying small industry products. A marketplkace where all of the small women entrepreneurs may gather at one place to showcase or sell their products on a particular day weekly.

3. In the women's entrepreneurs meet and msme meets which are organised by banks from time to time women entrepreneurs can participate with their queries and find solutions to their queries.

4. Women entrepreneurs may network on this Day to facilitate meet up of demand and supply of raw materials, market and etc.

5. NSIC powered (business to business model) where registration is free and (business to consumers model) supports in marketing the products online. Women entrepreneurs can use this platform. Women entrepreneurs can avail Marketing Intelligence Services of National Small Industries Limited (NSIC) that may help them in the successful marketing of their products.Women entrepreneurs may take this support.

6. Women entrepreneurs who do not have a website of their own can utilize the Google bloggers for their web presence, to add more customers and to do internet marketing of their products. Google blogger is a free service by Google. Google Free Keyword Tool is another tool that women entrepreneurs can use to be ahead of their competitors in their online presence.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Handicraft quiz

Handicraft quiz ideas that can be played to invite comments on  social media like facebook, twitter, google plus etc.
  • Can handicraft business be seen as poverty reduction idea? 
  •  If yes, then why it can be seen as a poverty reduction idea?
  •  If no, then why it can not be seen as a poverty reduction idea?
  • Is handicraft a traditional business only?
  • If yes, then why?
  • If no, then why not?
  • Can there be design specifications and changes made in traditional handicrafts?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Is there government support to handicraft business?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Can handicraft be seen as entrepreneurship development idea?
  • If yes, then why?
  • If no, then why not?
  • Is bank loans available for handicrafts just like for other businesses?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Can handicrafts be considered as a soft industry for women?
  • If yes, then why?
  • If no, then why not?
  • Can handicrafts business bring the same satisfaction for an entrepreneur as other businesses or is it just a cottage industry for the entrepreneur that may not be considered as challenging as other businesses to the entrepreneur?
  • What are the advantages of handicraft business?
  • Is handicraft a micro small medium enterprises?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Is handicraft also a face of the culture?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Can handicrafts business benefit from tourism business?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Is handicraft market popular enough to motivate youth for this business? 
  • If yes, how?
  • If not, how the market for handicraft may reach the youth?
  • Can small handicrafts be sold in trains and aeroplanes?
  • If yes, comment?
  • If no, then why not?
  • Can handicrafts shops be entertained in railway stations like in airports?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Is handicraft unique for its place/state?
  • Yes
  • No

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Search help

When an entrepreneur first launches his or her website, his or her main concern is to see the website appear on the first search result page and to get the traffic. Google Search Engine Optimization literature and videos, Google help center and Google search Console are a great help to know the website traffic and know how the website is doing online and to get the website on the first page. But when the entrepreneur wants to do other things on the web may be to research with its website etc with its customers then the entrepreneur may not know how to go about this. Google videos and literatures are very helpful tools for small business owners to understand  how to optimize the search presence for their websites and this can help in the greater online presence of their businesses. So with experimentation, entrepreneurs, may possibly understand which is the best place for their websites and may find their websites appearing there  but what about the other areas where one may want their website/blogs to appear. For example, an entrepreneur has been able to make its site appear on children's entertainment app ideas first search result page and if the entrepreneur now wants to do some online marketing research with its website based on its target market or customers like for example teachers or parents or children to understand their reactions to the ideas then the entrepreneur in this case may feel helpless. The entrepreneur may only see its site appearing on the web result pages as before which may be a good place for those visiting the site to see the ideas and to buy, which was the first online target or business goal of the entrepreneur but now the number two goal for the entrepreneur is to find the market reaction to its app ideas online and the main consumers of this app would be now the children, parents, teachers and schools so now the entrepreneurs may need guidance in the form of literature/videos etc from google and other search engines on how to go about it. The goal of business is now to do some kind of market research on the app ideas. 

So if there are some literatures , videos, advanced search tools/tips etc coming out from Google and other search engines then this may really make it easy for small businesses may be to get their website placement where they need it and get the needful done. This may help entrepreneurs in doing business online.

Rural business ideas

The earning skills that could be imparted to students in government schools and municipality schools and to youth in villages may include 1) natural dyeing of textiles and 2) handicrafts. These two skills may help them to become future micro entrepreneurs. Schools may focus on this also. NGOs working in villages may also focus on this. Handicrafts is also a traditional business.

If village youth can learn the technique of natural dyeing of fabrics then that may help them in  manufacturing and selling the naturally dyed finished textile products like cushion covers, table cloth, bed sheets, curtains etc.  A natural dyeing kit consists of a burner, the dyes etc. The government and the companies involved in this may help set up the laboratory in villages to impart this skill. This technique could be mastered in least expenditure and the naturally dyed textile products are also very much in demand.  Natural dyeing kits could reach the government and municipality school students also and the schools may have the lab facility and the professionals could help the students in learning these skills. 

Arts and crafts classes are already run in schools. Handicrafts skills training with designing assistance could also be imparted to such school students and the rural youth. Their products could also be exhibited and the students may earn from the sale of the handicraft products. They can learn the business of handicrafts in schools. They can in future start a micro business on this also.

Weavers' Service Centres are there in many parts of India. They also conduct training in many products like dyeing, block printing etc. If these kinds of services may also reach the interior parts of the villages, the rural youth may gain skill in this products for their livelihood. They may also go for micro businesses may be with the support of government.

These may help in achieving poverty reduction.