Sunday, 22 November 2015

Handicraft items

The traditional handicraft items of Orissa which entrepreneurs could select for their handicraft business are traditional garden umbrella, hand umbrella and canopies in applique work, wood carving - wooden toys, god and goddesses figures, wooden painted toys that include wooden painted animals, birds, butterflies, flowers etc. Wooden painted toys are very cheap and beautiful items that could be used to decorate drawing rooms etc and there are wooden painted numbers and alphabets hangings that could be used for educational purposes, exotic wooden painted toys partition are available that could be used for office purposes and drawing room and dining room  partition etc, boxes decorated with lacquer work are beautiful to look at and that could be used for keeping jewelries, even walls could be decorated with lacquer work, wall hangings, wall letter hangings and hanging lampshades in beautiful colour combinations that are made up of applique work are available, golden grass hats, wooden painted toys that include flowers, butterflies, animals, birds etc fixed on golden grass that could be used for decoration purposes are available, plain golden grass items like drinking glass covers, coffee mug covers etc that could be used for dinner tables, office tables etc are also highly qualitative items, there are golden grass boxes that are used for kitchen purposes like to keep chapatis which would also add decoration to the table, file covers with applique work for office use purposes are in many beautiful designs, cushion covers, table cloth, bed covers, etc having applique work on them are also available that could be used in home decorations etc, silver filigree ornaments, dhokra items that include for example animals like fish, elephants etc which are available in both small and big sizes - small dhokra items are also cheap handicraft items,  traditional terracotta items, beautiful traditional playing cards that is unique handicrafts that could be used for glass covers etc, pattachitra paintings, palm leaf engravings, stone carving - beautiful stone garden lamps used for decorating gardens of hotels, houses etc, stone table lamps,  stone figures of gods and godesses etc and many other traditional handicraft items of Orissa.

Many of these traditional items could be made as per the specifications of the buyers. These items are decorating drawing rooms, gardens, dining rooms, offices, being used as gift items and personal use. Pipli is a place in Orissa where one can see the various traditional handicrafts of Orissa. There is also crafts village where artisans are manufacturing and selling traditional handicrafts of Orissa.

If entrepreneurs are looking for handicraft loan, bank will look at credit limit, all setup stocks at their end and the market. To explore the market possibility for the chosen handicrafts you may have to give the unique story about that particular handicrafts, from where you are sourcing it or how you have created it.

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