Sunday, 8 November 2015

Rural business ideas

The earning skills that could be imparted to students in government schools and municipality schools and to youth in villages may include 1) natural dyeing of textiles and 2) handicrafts. These two skills may help them to become future micro entrepreneurs. Schools may focus on this also. NGOs working in villages may also focus on this. Handicrafts is also a traditional business.

If village youth can learn the technique of natural dyeing of fabrics then that may help them in  manufacturing and selling the naturally dyed finished textile products like cushion covers, table cloth, bed sheets, curtains etc.  A natural dyeing kit consists of a burner, the dyes etc. The government and the companies involved in this may help set up the laboratory in villages to impart this skill. This technique could be mastered in least expenditure and the naturally dyed textile products are also very much in demand.  Natural dyeing kits could reach the government and municipality school students also and the schools may have the lab facility and the professionals could help the students in learning these skills. 

Arts and crafts classes are already run in schools. Handicrafts skills training with designing assistance could also be imparted to such school students and the rural youth. Their products could also be exhibited and the students may earn from the sale of the handicraft products. They can learn the business of handicrafts in schools. They can in future start a micro business on this also.

Weavers' Service Centres are there in many parts of India. They also conduct training in many products like dyeing, block printing etc. If these kinds of services may also reach the interior parts of the villages, the rural youth may gain skill in this products for their livelihood. They may also go for micro businesses may be with the support of government.

These may help in achieving poverty reduction.

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