Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Poverty reduction ideas

Organizations should encourage and do volunteering to bring poverty reduction. It could be Corporate doing Corporate volunteering/CSR activities, United Nations volunteering and other kinds of volunteering like NGOs and schools could take up volunteering activities in villages. 

UN through United Nations International Year of Volunteers 2001, provided volunteering opportunities to many by providing an infra structure that included basic office operations facilities like office space, a brand name of UN  International Year of Volunteers (IYV) 2001, letter heads with IYV logos, print outs, zerox , courier service, fax, telephone, computers to work upon, floppies, UN notice board where one can paste the information about the events that was being conducted for a specific cause, to create awareness and participation and etc, United Nations (UN) Conference Hall to conduct conferences and the brand name helped in building partnerships/ collaborations with reputed organizations, creating and marketing the ideas/initiatives and raising funds. One could also bring media attention to their initiatives including Doordarshan (Television), radio and print media attention . United Nations International Year of Volunteers 2001 was celebrating volunteerism in all forms. It was giving a platform and an experience that was not only satisfying but also very valuable. It was a platform not only to build skills but also to carry on one's own initiatives. It was just being a part of United Nations.

This kind of Office infrastructure facility/platform, if it can be provided by many corporate, NGOs, United Nations organizations and even Government can look into this volunteering initiative, then many youth/rural youth can use this infrastructure facility to build their own future and brand. For educated unemployed youth and individuals who do not have proper education to compete in the market can through this kind of organization's volunteering initiative, not only achieve status, recognition but also income. A much needed initiative that would give space and positive encouragement to youth. This may bring poverty reduction and achieve the millennium development goals of United Nations.

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