Sunday, 25 June 2017

Office Visiting Hour APP and Smart Cities

If an office visiting hour app is developed for entrepreneurs, then it may save time, money, petrol/gas/diesel expenditure etc of an entrepreneur while visiting buyers in their "office visiting hours".

The entrepreneur may keep salesman or may himself/herself meet people to market his/her products.

This office visiting hour app should be such that it may fix up an appointment with the officers/buyers etc to make possible face to face talk with them and others. This APP may utilize the same procedure as what the entrepreneur will do after reaching a particular office to meet the buyer in their office visiting hours. The entrepreneur after reaching the office, gives his/her details in the visitors register like name of the officer to meet, address, phone number and his/her signature and the IN time and OUT time. With this APP, there could be same procedure. There would be only internet connection cost to be born by the entrepreneur so instead of going to meet people/buyers in their offices, the app could be the meeting or visiting hour place. As in the most of the offices there is a fixed visiting hours, this app may utilize the same visiting hours as per the office rules. The APP could have a database of many offices. The same appointment could be fixed by the entrepreneur may be through a phone feature or other feature connections in the app. There could be an APP assistant to fix the appointment and the time could be conveyed to the officer/buyer in request. After fixing the appointment, the entrepreneur can on that day be able to talk to the officer face to face using the video and share his/her details/ copies with the officer/buyer through a sharing button. A sharing button should be included so that the entrepreneur can share the documents with the officer/buyer and wait for the officer's/buyer's response as it just happens in a physical meeting (with the entrepreneur after forwarding the documents is waiting for their response). Also a buzzer can be added in the APP to call the app attendant to look for other documents as required at the time of meeting so that feature may also be added so that the officer/buyer can ask for those papers at the time of meeting or call others to be present with him in that meeting. It may also happen that the officer/buyer may ask the visitor to meet another officer. The APP assistant may then guide the visitor to that officer. This feature may also be added. After the meeting ends, the end could be made or the discussion could be closed in the APP just like as if the entrepreneur physically walks out of the officer's office room. Sometimes, it also happens that a few things the visitor may have missed out in telling to the officer and may immediately return to the office if the visitor has not left the premise totally so there can also be a "Return Button" to press and wait to enter the officer's room again in the APP. The "Return Button" could remain active for few minutes only. If the entrepreneur has to go to another state to sell his/her products and has to meet people in their visiting hours now he could save on his/her expenses on air/train travel and time. If this marketing tool be developed, it may help all not only entrepreneurs but all for example others who need to settle down their electricity supply/bill discrepancies or phone discrepancies etc so that instead of going to the office physically they can visit the office through this Office Visiting Hour APP. It would bring the world closer for the entrepreneurs just like in e-commerce we have a variety of items from worldwide to see and buy that is how with this app in terms of meeting people in their visiting hours there would be many buyers to see and to talk, there would be savings on many of the aspects of a business and it would be possible to meet many buyers in less time.

This Office Visiting Hour APP will not only benefit entrepreneurs in marketing but also help   others in dealing with their other requirements that uses Visiting Hours in a office. This Office Visiting Hour APP will make "Digital World"/ "Smart Cities". Please share your views on #officevisitinghourAPP #smartcities #digitalworld.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Can Franchise help in protecting a business? Will there be less chance of other businesses copying a business if the business has Franchise marketing?

In Franchise, the company giving franchise has the know-how and branding of the company.

According to a professional in Franchise, any company can take a franchise from a company with dedicated agreements and the company stores are run by their own people and own staff.  Franchise can protect a business to some extent.

According to another professional in marketing, Franchise has to follow guidelines on service timing, price, ambiance of the store, store hiring process as per the agreement. Shop In Shop (SIS) is better for small businesses than Franchise. In Shop In Shop marketing, a company takes certain area on rent inside the store/showroom and sells his/her own company products. There is Above the Line  (ATL)  marketing and Below The Line (BTL) marketing. BTL marketing is done through, leafletting, auto, and small campaigns in society . For example, small businesses can go to a society associations and conduct drawing competition. There will be company standee and through the company standee the small business can advertise their company. Although the painting competition was organised for like 200 kids but actual target for the business company was the kids parents. Above the line marketing is through TV, Radio and Newspapers.

Franchise marketing can help in protecting the business/company giving franchise (to other companies/businesses). #FRANCHISE #BusinessProtection businesses/companies can give their views on this through the Comment box.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Decoration of a showroom

According to a professional from corporate retailing outlet, for entrepreneurs/businesses to showcase their showrooms in front of their customers to bring more market, it should be based on these principles of decoration:

Outside decoration: For outside decoration signage should be used.

Ambiance of the showroom: Ambiance means how do you give a shopping experience to customers? Ambiance of the showroom is as per the season. The showroom is decorated generally as per the seasons like spring, summer etc so that buyers can get attracted. In summer generally the focus is on linen shirts, dresses which should be showcased in the primary window so that the customers can visualize it and come inside the store. Apparels should be highlighted so that it feels it is summer.

Visual Merchandising: Visual Merchandising is how you showcase your product so that buyers get attracted to the product. For example in the month of July all the products can have visual merchandising. The showroom can be decorated like giving 20% discount so that maximum stock is sold out and new stocks can come in. It could be done by the visual merchandising team also. They may come and decorate accordingly.Visual merchandising team changes the store display.

In a showroom marketing how do you keep your product that is the presentation of the product is very important: 
  • Window decoration:  It can be with venyl paste decoration (images of models with products) or with different mannequins. The mannequins-his/her clothes that they are wearing must be available in the showroom.
  • Fixtures: One example of fixtures is wooden table or wooden shelves. Merchandise are displayed on particular fixtures according to the colour, theme etc. For example for ladies there are different hangers and for infant there are infant hangers.
  • Showroom tiles: Two types of tiles are mainly used for flooring. 1. Black tiles 2. White marble tiles.
  • Venyl Paste: There is the use of venyl paste (containing model and product image or just products image) decoration.
  • Lights: There should be proper lights in the showroom.
  • Air Condition: The showroom should have air condition from inside.
  • Glass mirrors: There should be glass mirrors inside the showroom.
  • Signage: Signage matters very much. Price is highlighted. Sizes are communicated through signage. Signages are made up of thick papers, can be colourful. It depends on the company standard/policy.
  • The look and feel of the showroom is important for customers to stay inside the store. For example, if somebody is coming   inside the store and if AC is not working, then the customer will not stay in the showroom as the outside and inside is same for him/her. If music speakers are there in the showroom if it is too loud the customers may not like it.
  • Different vendors are there for different designs and display. There can be a different vendor for showroom mirrors, a different vendor for showroom tiles etc. One can hire a interior decorator also.
#showroom is for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Viirtual reality event app to conduct trade shows/expo

Virtual reality like marketing app for Business will  remove the marketing problems and advertising problems of any business to an extent. Business owners keep conducting events by putting up in an expo to display their products, to collect buyers and to broadcast about their companies which is also expensive and many a times lot of entrepreneurs are not able to participate.

virtual reality business
So why not have a virtual reality like digital app that will capture the entrepreneur's Cubicle as per its physical display in reality as they will be in any trade show or in an expo or in any other business events. There can be in the app as many as 20-30 cubicles slides/photos or more at a time where the companies can display their products, a feature of a video like to explain about their products by the real owner/representatives as there will be clicks or something like that in this virtual reality app in place of footfalls and as the individuals/participants move from one cubicle to another cubicle in a physical set up cubicles to interact and to gain more information there can be a feature for real chatting like thing in the app that can have the real owner/representative at that time to satisfy the queries about the company and the products there and then as each individual/participant/buyer moves in this Expo through clicks like applications. In place of actually physically distributing brochures, pamphlets and visiting cards that happens in an actual expo there could be downloading like thing of brochures and visiting cards to develop contacts. There can also be face to face contacts there and then if possible. There could be this event for a day or 3 days or for a specific period of time with the owner or representatives present all the time. After one expo there can be another expo for other businesses organized on this app, giving opportunity to all business as in real time events. The entire setting is of real time. This digital app - the virtual reality app can be made for organizations with free of cost entry to make it possible for as many as organizations to participate. The announcements of the events can be made through traditionalmedia and social media and the registration can take place through the use of social media also.The businesses are not taking any physical cubicle but a cubicle made ready to just use as per the requirements of the businesses.

#virtualreality This virtual reality app to conduct trade shows/expo may benefit micro and small businesses in marketing their businesses. Entrepreneurs can give their likes.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Handicrafts stalls at railway stations

Should handicraft stalls be there at railway station platforms? Will it bring more sale and more revenue for the artisans/sellers?

Views of handicraft artisans cum women entrepreneurs

According to a handicraft artisan cum women entrepreneur belonging to a self help group making traditional paintings, paintings should reach one's own country and foreign countries, and traditional paintings should become famous. Definitely, it is preferable to have a spot at railway station to sell the paintings because there will be increase in earnings.The space should be provided free of cost. People who are interested in paintings normally buy but for others they just browse and move on. How much money we spend normally we want to double the profit. So if we spend the money but we get double profit then it is worth spending. Traditional painting stalls at railway station is very much desired.

According to another handicraft artisan mainly dealing in hand loom clothes, they exhibit their handloom items in many places. Their own house is their shop, where they accept cash as well as installments to sell their products. In Railway they are interested,but time will need to be spent which would be difficult. The sale would be more or not would depend on the people. If the train is late then those people will come to the spot of handicraft stall but while purchasing handloom items people would prefer to buy from shops as they can visit many shops and compare, can  keep cash memos and can also exchange the material and these are the benefits of buying from shops for handloom products. There may be other type of passengers also who may have come to that particular place for 4-5 days so they may immediately not be interested to visit the handicraft stall and when they will get the time they may come and see but yes definitely sale may increase. People need food at railway station so they immediately buy it so food needs are met at that time itself but it cannot be said the same for handicraft items at railway station because handicrafts items depend on culture of the place so need is an important factor and the sale may depend on the needs of people. But by selling handicrafts at railway stations, the products and the organizations will get advertisement. For small handicraft items it is a good idea.

According to another handicraft artisan cum women entrepreneur making jute products, basically foot fall is required for a handicraft seller, which may increase but there should be proper preparation to have a handicraft stall at railway stations. There should be safe zone to sell the products at railway stations like security, lights, CCTV camera. Handicrafts are valuable items, it is hand work and the items are prepared with lot of hard work. Handicraft stalls at railway station platform should be there.

According to another handicraft artisan cum women entrepreneur, to maintain the stall, man power would be required so where will that manpower come from? What would be the terms of payment meaning it will be sold at fixed rate or at MRP. Handicraft stalls at railway stations could provide advertisement/marketing opportunities for the products. Handicraft stalls should be there at railway stations.

According to another handicraft artisan cum women entrepreneur making cloth dresses, handicraft stalls should be there at railway stations, because then public will get all sorts of convenience at railway stations like even ready made hand crafted clothes which they may have needed and can buy it from railway stations.

According to another handicraft artisan cum women entrepreneur,  if passengers have to give gifts and have not been able to purchase it then even at railway stations they can buy the gifts. Handicraft stall is preferable at railway stations.

According to few other handicraft artisans, this will bring good advertisement for the handicraft organization and their products all over India.

 View of a Food stall owner at railway station

According to a food stall owner at railway platform, only rich people can put stalls at railway stations or railway platforms. One has to deposit security money in several lakhs with the railways, if it is division then more money has to be deposited and if it is small station less money needs to be deposited as security but it is in lakhs, then there is hiring cost for the space which is approximately Rs 1500/- daily and the electricity cost is very high which is approximately Rs 9 per unit. So the total monthly expenditure is about Rs 48, 000/- but the sale is also there.

According to railway, there are different sort of public traveling every day so market should increase but one technical point needs to be taken into consideration that the price at platform may increase because one will have to hire the space, electricity cost would be there and all this would reflect on price of the handicraft item so the handicraft seller will have to concentrate on price. Senior divisional commercial manager allots the space which happens through tender. Since it is development work the department of handicrafts should request railway to give the space at subsidized cost. Security of handicraft items will be there as there are CCTV cameras and rail GRPS. Because of these handicraft stalls at platforms there will be no difficulty in the operation of railways. There is one handicraft counter at Howrah Railway station.

Handicraft development and marketing organizations can look into this. 

Leave your comments and share #Handicraftsstallsatrailwaystations.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Role of Artificial Intelligence

Search Engines are trying to give best search result landing pages that the user is looking for. Search Engines can also look into this aspect discussed below while giving the best result pages if that is possible.

If a person has done good work the teacher appreciates the work and can understand how different the particular student is and award him/her by differentiating his/her work from other students. Every other student comes to know that this particular student has done outstanding work different from them. There is a satisfaction of achievement for that student. So a question crops up: What does the Search Engine mean when a Search Engine says, it is the best result page. A search Engine has not studied all these many subjects or done a masters or Phd in that particular subject or all subjects. Then can search engines differentiate between all the posts on the web and determine the best posts although it has a different way to come up with the search results? If there is outstanding work on web but not from someone very renowned then can search engine know that it is the best work? Can it really give the result for the best work in that particular subject? Although everybody is going to a search engine website to get their questions answered  is it really the best answer or then how relevant a Search Engine is? Or a Search Engine does not have to worry on this account. There may be very useful, relevant information from someone not known that may benefit the user. Can search engines decide that it is the best post?

According to an User - a research scholar in social media marketing with reputed Business School, PhD is more specific, here research gap is studied. MBA is more implementation in real world. With Google Search Engine, personalization, opinion mining, sentiment analytics in social media, quality parameters, weighted algorithms having different weights, context search, build your profile etc are taken into consideration. We cannot expect a Search Engine to be technically doing PhD or MSc in a particular subject. Page ranking is one of google algorithm and it is one search engine website that even today has weightage. It is the way Search Engine works.


Inviting users to discuss on this aspect of search engines. Users can comment through comment box.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Quote of an entrepreneur


The entrepreneur is highly motivated, passionate and honest about his/her business but the world he/she is dealing with may/may not be as honest as him or her. When an entrepreneur has decided to set up his/her industry he/she is new to his/her job. He/She may/may not have the business skills as there is no one in his/her family in a business line. He/She has the project proposal in place and wants to go accordingly but it may happen that some of the things that he/she had decided may change or may need to be changed for the betterment of his/her business. At this time, although he/she needs guidance, but the entrepreneur may/may not be sure of following and may sometimes also regret some of his/her decisions that he/she followed which may also destroy the entrepreneurs dreams.

According to few micro traders, they had no experience and the money they were investing was very important for them to yield returns in their business. It was their intelligence in their business that helped them continue in their business as previously they had no experience but gradually they gained experience in their business and with experience their sustainability increased. All of them said intelligence really matters even for small business and with experience they are making profits.

Inviting entrepreneurs, traders, businessmen to comment on this #IntelligenceFORBUsinessSkills.