Sunday, 18 October 2015

MDG goals

There are 8 millennium development goals of United Nations. Entrepreneurship and especially women entrepreneurship could help in achieving two millennium development goals of United Nations and they are:
  • Goal 1: Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty and
  • Goal3: Promote gender equality and empower women
According to few third year engineering students: Their colleges have a society for students interested in becoming entrepreneurs. There is a central body of which the society members are members. Every year the central body gives a summit call where the society members present their full entrepreneurial ideas and the best one is awarded. They said they do not mind taking risks in business but needs to participate in those activities which will not interfere with their studies like art and craft business, laundry business and food business. The society members interested in entrepreneurship were helping other hostel students by bringing caterers to their doorsteps to solve food problems. The hostel students wanted assistance in laundry services also. Amongst the society members, there were marketing teams which were going to Big Bazaar (corporate retailing) and Archies to sell greeting cards. The college society facebook was the medium to join.

Similarly if rural youth can make use of the facebooks for connectivity and form a society for entrepreneurship development with the central body being the local government body like Block Development Offices in the grass root level then there may be development of entrepreneurship in rural youth and growth of entrepreneurs in villages. They may also look for the requirements in the villages for their entrepreneurial activities. They can also submit their ideas to the Block Development Offices not only for awards but also for bank loan sanction from cooperative banks and other banks. This may help in their empowerment and self employment through entrepreneurship and especially there will be empowerment of women through women entrepreneurship and this will bring gender equality.

This may help in achieving poverty reduction and gender equality and thus may achieve two of the millennium development goals of United Nations.

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