Friday, 30 December 2016

How to bring traffic

It is the worry of every Google AdSense publishers, entrepreneurs and small businesses how to bring traffic to their websites. Google AdSense Publishers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses can try out these tips to see whether traffic really increases or not for their websites, although it may not be significant increase but yes traffic may increase more than the previous method that have been used.

1. If you do not have your account linked to Google Plus, still you can write in Google plus without disclosing the website also. Use hashtag phrases in your posts that is in your website posts. Now you can choose from Free Google Keyword Tool some relevant keywords for your posts. There are many keywords so choose the best ones and many keywords for your Google plus platform for a single post that is relevant to your topic of the post. Write that keyword first and next you can write about where to visit by giving your hashtag phrases used in the posts and lastly write about your title of the post. Use as many as you like keywords selected from the Google Free Keyword Tool and keep posting in your Google Plus. You may use many such keywords and the method explained in a single day also.

2. If you have other social media sites available you can discuss the same thing there stating those hashtag phrases there and this may really help in increasing your traffic.

Google AdSense Publishers, small businesses and entrepreneurs can really bring traffic in this way although not significant increase but yes small increase you may see.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A new way to search by search engines

There can be a new way to search by search engines to help entrepreneurs and businesses. It could be a service by Search Engines to meet the marketing goals of entrepreneurs/businesses. It can be sort of customer coming to search engine website for buying the products and the demand would appear on search engine website belonging to sellers.There is compelling needs for many small businesses to get customers.

A new way to search by search engines #NewSeaRCHEngiNES

If search engines can create a new way to search that is Search By Customers Demand/Wants, And Their Contact Info then it can help many businesses/entrepreneurs in getting customers easily and help in their growth. A customer can come to the search engine, which is the search engine for making demand and the customer makes its demands there and write his/her contact info in that search engine website and then if this customer's demands and contact info which can be shown or cut and pasted on top of all search engines results pages (SERP) of all sellers website then this can be seen by all the businesses and entrepreneurs on the web and they can start the business negotiations any moment directly. The customer will have many a buyers to choose from. This would bring businesses for entrepreneurs and business houses by them contacting the customers themselves directly and can meet the immediate demands of their customers.

Entrepreneurs/businesses leave your comments on how useful do you think this search engine would be for your business?

Sunday, 11 December 2016

1 Best SME Awareness [Quick tip] Now for You

Pollution awareness among entrepreneurs

Industries have got equipment for minimizing the pollution level. Regarding water and solid wastes many industries have got recycle plants and for water pollution many industries have got treatment plant. Small and medium industries lacks in this. There are pollution controlling machines. What pollution equipment should be there in an industry and if it is there or not it is the duty of government authorities to check it. Sometimes pollution authorities is installing pollution controlling machines but those machines are lying idle in an industry.

When an entrepreneur is going for an industry, pollution controlling equipment should be a part of the project cost. Pollution control machines involves capital investment, it will be difficult for small industries to purchase them, so the major role is of the government. Clean cut guidelines are there in the book of Green Tribunal and MOEF.

There should be awareness of the entrepreneurs and what they should do to give to the society. For air pollution, one can start with least costing machine. Pollution is one way of bringing various diseases for the society but one cannot stop industrialization. So one should do it in sync with the development of society so that vibrant society should be there. Industries should take care that I am not passing adverse to the society by checking pollution. Develop the infra structure where the industry is sitting like there should be algae plants etc.

Goal setting for SME loan

 You have to see these things:

1. Product viability
2. Market feasibility means market acceptance of the product
3. Loan repayment

For marketing the product you have to outreach the people and for branding, if the product is of good quality and giving satisfactory/good services then automatically the brand is made.