Sunday, 21 August 2016

Paper Trading

Paper Trading concept is a very good practice platform for starters those who want to make stock market exchange their business.Now what happens in Paper Trading? There are few online Paper Trading sites where one can sit and learn the tricks of doing this business. It is a place where you invest but not in  actual money but in paper money. You can choose as many companies you want to invest in, see how your investment is doing for each company, where there is loss and where there is profit. That is you are learning which company shares to buy and which company shares not to buy. The Paper Trading environment is same as if you are really investing in real life in the companies of your choice. In this concept of Paper Trading there is no risk of loosing any of your real money and you also become wiser about many companies. This will instill confidence when you get into this business because now you know and can select the companies where you can see your money grow. One may need a Demat Account to really start this stock market exchange business. Demat Account can be opened in  your own bank but you need to have Pan Card. Pan Card is a must to apply to get a Demat Account. You can open a Demat Account with Rs 500/- only.


The two companies that have shown no loss when invested in (Paper Trading) since last three weeks are Yes Bank and ONGC Ltd.  HCL Technology, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, RIL, IOC and Maruti Suzuki shares are sometimes going up and sometimes going down. IndusInd Bank and Deccan Gold shares since past three weeks have shown only loss.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bringing solutions to entrepreneurs needs!

Someone if works to  bring the solutions to entrepreneur's needs, then entrepreneurs may take the risks safely!

What happens when two entrepreneurs meet:

Nandini met Kritika. Nandini is already a woman entrepreneur. Kritika wants help in becoming a woman entrepreneur. Nandini could see the big dreams in Kritika's eyes. She could see all the qualities of an entrepreneur in Kritika. She wants to help Kritika and takes her through the entrepreneurs journey of what might come up on the way and if these are  looked into prior to begin her entrepreneurial journey then she may have more chances to succeed in her entrepreneurial journey!

 Nandini says to Kritika, Money is very important for a business to succeed. If due to any reasons, the entrepreneur is not able to pay the installments to the financial institution then the loan interest accumulates and there will be pressure on the entrepreneur. Although the financial institution support the entrepreneur but because of non-repayment of loan the interest amount keeps increasing and there is lot of burden on entrepreneur and the entrepreneur may also be not considered for another loan. The entrepreneur's industry may be declared as sick industry. Kritika,so it is the first time production, marketing and money that matters in making of an entrepreneur. So if the government, United Nations Organizations, organizations working for the support of entrepreneurs  work to achieve the financial insurance to help support the entrepreneurs through form of subsidy or financial incentives that is disbursed in the first one - two years during the implementation period to help the genuine entrepreneurs then there may be more successful entrepreneurs on the road to success. Kritika if you want you can read the details in the blog post titled: How entrepreneurs control risk as there is detailed information there.

Secondly, to get a loan is very important for an entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur keeps visiting the financial institutions and is being turned down by financial institutions saying the project is not viable even for genuine cases then it may become hard for the entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams. According to a financial institution, it may happen because the financial institution's officers money may be deducted by their management for non-performing assets and so the money lending officers do not want to take the risks. So if this internal system procedure is reduced from the management or changes then the financial institutions officials may come forward in lending money to more entrepreneurs. Kritika you can read the details about what a financial institution has to say on this and on the remedies on the blog post titled: UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Thirdly, if there is an entrepreneurs marketplace in every district for the entrepreneurs to sell the products like an ordinary Bazaar, it may help all small scale entrepreneurs in buying and selling the goods easily and this may also help in companies making their brands!

So Kritika if these solutions are provided for entrepreneurs, then you may also benefit in this manner by becoming more successful entrepreneur.

If United Nations Organizations, Government and organizations working for the support of entrepreneurs look into these three essential needs of an entrepreneur, then the road to success may be easily achieved by the entrepreneurs! #entrepreneurneedssolutions.