Sunday, 29 November 2015

Small entrepreneurs

A small entrepreneur can also give back to the community. When a small entrepreneur is establishing his/her factory in the most backward area then the entrepreneur is generating employment for those people and this in itself is a kind of contribution from the entrepreneur's side to uplift the people from poverty who are living in most backward areas. So rural employment can help in giving back to the society.

The entrepreneur can make a recreation club for the villagers/village youth. The entrepreneur can do it by donating a small amount of money for the club. The villagers may initially start their club with an existing brick and mud house and may be later on the house could be improved . This could be a place where the villagers/village youth could sit together and enjoy and discuss things. They could keep the FIRST AID BOX there, The entrepreneur can arrange free visits by District Industries Centre skill development teams to this recreation club to impart skills in micro businesses to those villagers/village youth as they are may be mainly farmers, gem stone extractors, villagers involved in querying or mining graphite or granite stones etc that is it could be for anything depending on what the villagers depend on for their living.

If the entrepreneur has to buy a agriculture plot for his factory land which he may have to convert it into industrial plot and if the agriculture plot is surrounded by other agriculture plots so then if the entrepreneur may have to build a pitch road/concrete road for the connectivity to the main road for transportation for carrying goods to and fro from his site then also the entrepreneur in a way is contributing towards the villagers in making them happy and providing solutions as they will be able to walk easily to their agriculture plots especially during the rainy seasons. This would be beneficial to both the entrepreneur and villagers. The small entrepreneur can also help the villagers by making small concrete road.

The entrepreneur can sit with the rural villagers to understand their problems and may take up those problems with the Collectorate office. 

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