Saturday, 5 December 2015

Entrepreneur quality

Entrepreneurs including women entrepreneurs have these qualities:

  • Dreams - They have big dreams.
  • Determination - They are determined to succeed. They never give up. 
  • Fearless - They are not afraid of their problems,. They find solutions to overcome problems.
  • Passionate -  They cling to their idea because they think they can do it. 
  • Highly motivated - It is inner motivation. They really want to set up their industry. They want to be the owner of their business and recruit employees.
  • Intelligent - They are intelligent. Although they do not have business sense they use their intelligence to move in their business.
  • Dynamic - They are dynamic. They are highly impressive. 
  • Exploring attitude - They explore thoroughly before finally taking a decision.
  • Courageous - They have the risk taking ability. They are highly courageous.
  • Their dream is their child and they cannot let it go. They nurture the growth of their business.
  • Decision - They can take quick decision. They usually take right decisions. They even take spot decisions.
  • Achievers - They want achievements, awards etc.
  • Management - They have good management skills whether it is labourers, staff, material or money management.
  • Leaders - They are the leaders.
  • Wealth - They want to accumulate wealth and fortune.
  • Recognition - They want to be recognized. They want name and fame.
  • Success - They believe in success. They have to succeed.
  • Active - They are highly active.
  • Hard working - They are very hard working.
  • Honesty - They are honest. They believe in honesty.
  • Different - They are different.
  • Punctual - They are punctual.
  • Can Do It attitude - The entrepreneurs have the Can Do It attitude. 
  • They are the gems.

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