Sunday, 13 December 2015

Micro business solutions

Depending on the suitability of agro climatic zone, crops like vegetables, fruits, spices, ornamental crops like flowers etc are grown. The soil PH is also seen. The suitability of crops for different areas are decided by the scientists from the beginning based on their research work. There are government schemes to help the farmers. There are farmers into micro businesses.

According to a farmer, marketing of the products is difficult. He had to give rent of Rupees 10/- for a kg of Pumpkin but due to depreciation in rate he had to sell it for a lesser price in the market. Environment is not supportive.  Food inflation is there.  Rice, wheat, pulse has a minimum selling price and they can be stored. But tomatoes etc are produced and sold directly by farmers. If there are ten farmers and all of them produce tomatoes then there will be food inflation so marketing of products will be difficult. But this can be overcome. If a group of farmers produce different crops then there will be no food inflation. The variety of crops could be chosen by a group of farmers that requires no specific technology. So it is required to create awareness and simultaneously provide motivation to the farmers so that they can go for crop variation. For example, when there is season for potato, cauliflower etc, the farmers can go for those crops because they are suitable for that season and also produce different crops then and only then food inflation can be controlled and farmers can have better lives and be in this business. There should also be cold storage facilities. The farmers are now a days aware to make more income by growing certain crops before the season and selling the products at a higher price.

According to an agriculture organization, seeds are provided to farmers at a subsidized rate. It is difficult to motivate farmers for micro businesses and change of businesses. For example, because if a farmer is producing wheat then he is inclined to produce only wheat in his plot ensuring the supply of wheat for not only this year but will keep a stock also for the next year. He will not be inclined to produce flowers even in a small portion of his plot so that he could sell them and get better money. Seed money is being provided to a group of women that include even girls for their training in cultivation and food processing.

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