Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A new way to search by search engines

There can be a new way to search by search engines to help entrepreneurs and businesses. It could be a service by Search Engines to meet the marketing goals of entrepreneurs/businesses. It can be sort of customer coming to search engine website for buying the products and the demand would appear on search engine website belonging to sellers.There is compelling needs for many small businesses to get customers.

A new way to search by search engines #NewSeaRCHEngiNES

If search engines can create a new way to search that is Search By Customers Demand/Wants, And Their Contact Info then it can help many businesses/entrepreneurs in getting customers easily and help in their growth. A customer can come to the search engine, which is the search engine for making demand and the customer makes its demands there and write his/her contact info in that search engine website and then if this customer's demands and contact info which can be shown or cut and pasted on top of all search engines results pages (SERP) of all sellers website then this can be seen by all the businesses and entrepreneurs on the web and they can start the business negotiations any moment directly. The customer will have many a buyers to choose from. This would bring businesses for entrepreneurs and business houses by them contacting the customers themselves directly and can meet the immediate demands of their customers.

Entrepreneurs/businesses leave your comments on how useful do you think this search engine would be for your business?

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