Saturday, 11 June 2016

Business environment

According to a small jewelry business owner, in a manufacturing unit or in any business, main thing in a business is the environment.

How is the environment? Is it suitable for the business? 

For example in gold business, the West Bengal artisans are the best in the country in designing gold. In the production of gold jewelries, there is machinery process (casting design) and handicraft process that is handmade production/manufacturing of gold jewelries. Manufacturing /making gold ornaments is very intricate work and can be made only by traditional artisans. Like handicrafts, manufacturing /making gold ornaments is also hand work and traditional work and the best manufacturing is done by West Bengal artisans. It is the environment.

Cash environment: The main thing in a business is cash environment because a businessman needs to have cash to give to his labourers. To survive in any business capital is required. When there is profit, then and then only a business can survive. It is because there is money for only one production and when that does not yield profit then the business can not survive. For example, in a gold business when there is profit then only the businessman can give increment to his artisans.

Taxation: Tax is another thing important in a business environment. For example in a gold business excise duty will be levied and it should not be there as it will kill small industries.

The government should give land/space to set up a business or an industry. It is also a part of the business environment. Also there should not be any encroachment.

Culture: For example in West Bengal or in South India wearing gold is a culture which is not there in Jharkhand.

Promotion: Promotion is required only to a certain extent but it is the environment that is important in a business.

#businessenvironmentforbusinesses #businessenvironment Entrepreneurs need to know their business environment to succeed in their businesses.

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