Saturday, 4 June 2016

How Valuable Is E-mail Marketing for Your Business

In a MSME business, how far e-mail marketing is desirable? What about postal marketing and courier marketing? How far it is desirable in business? Here is a place to start a discussion on this. #E-mailMarketing #PostalMarketing #CourierMarketing

E-mail marketing can save costs on correspondence for MSMEs. It is writing business e-mail to the customers or writing business e-mail to bring new customers.  

For entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, MBA students, others:

1. What do you prefer? E-mail marketing or postal/courier marketing and why?

2. What do you prefer? A straightforward e-mail in business or an e-mail based on human psychology and imagination?  This will be for both sides- That is when you are sending an email for marketing your products and also when you are receiving an e-mail from some businessmen/business woman marketing their products?

2. Requirements of e-mail marketing - creating anticipation  in the subject line, which may make the reader click on the mail to read the rest. For example, an ad company writing an e-mail to a jeweler to sell their ad products and the subject line could be: "Surprise for jewelers! This may make the reader click on the mail to read the rest which would be like , "now you can give TV ads at so and so price"  etc. Discuss.

What some businessmen have to say about it:


According to a businessman, e-mail marketing is good. There is immediate response to e-mail but to make a deal businessman will enquire to see if the reference is correct, then only the businessman will make a deal. Creative e-mail marketing is preferred. It is not necessary for a company to be a brand.

According to another businessman, e-mail marketing is faster/quicker and it is easy for public and although e-mail marketing is preferred, but even today courier is important in business because in business all the documents should have solid proof. A straightforward email is preferred.

According to another businessman, e-mail marketing is not preferred, because faith is not there, because company is not a brand. If the company is a brand then it is alright but for others he would prefer postal/courier marketing.

According to another businessman, Since he does not know e-mail marketing he would prefer postal/courier marketing.

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