Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Handicraft exhibition marketing - a guerilla marketing technique

Some of the handicraft companies and hand made products companies are using exhibitions only to market their products. They are not having any showroom to showcase their products. So they have chosen to display their products during exhibitions by participating in the various exhibitions from time to time, a guerilla marketing technique to market their products. They contact the different exhibition organizers from time to time to be aware of all the exhibitions that are coming up so that they could just book the space to display their products during exhibitions and earn from the sale of their handicraft or handmade products. When they book the space, they do not have to pay at that time to the organizer. They have to pay later so they have the chance to sell their products and pay the organizers their stall rents. There is no advance payment. That is why they prefer this kind of marketing their products. These exhibitions are coming up 12 months in a year and they have lot of scope to sell their products. #handicraftexhibitionAGuerillaMarketing

According to a handicraft exhibitor, the organizers usually give a space that is outside of the main exhibition space and the space allotted also is less expensive. The handicraft exhibitor takes the space for the amount as prescribed by the organizer and it is his responsibility to pay the rent of the space and the exhibitor mainly depends on the sale of their products in the exhibition to repay to the organizer. It is not true with all the handicraft or hand made exhibitors participating in the exhibition but mostly it is the case. If the sale is made then the handicraft and hand made products exhibitor is able to pay otherwise they undergo heavy loss. But still they prefer this way of marketing their products because most of the time they make lots of profits and prefer to do their marketing in this way. Their concern is that the organizers should understand their difficulties of this type and excuse their payments of the stall of at least 50% if they have not made any sale. The organizers should support them in this way. Many of the exhibitors said it is a kind of gambling but still they will continue with this kind of marketing.

According to another exhibitor, they make the booking of a stall depending upon the location of the exhibition. Location is important in this kind of marketing. If the stall is on the outside then the organizers should give the facilities like full carpet area, car parking should be not near to their stalls because due to dust created by cars may make their products look dirty and the organizers should look into how to protect their products during rain. There should be fan inside their stalls. Security should also be given to them as well. As the organizers charge less for their stalls sometimes the exhibitors have to go through without all these amenities. Although the organizers do not take an advance from them but the exhibitors have to pay for the transportation of their goods to the exhibition stall and also to take back the unsold goods to their homes and pay the stall rent. These expenditure is met by the exhibitors.

According to another exhibitor, in government exhibitions, stall rent is free and there are all the facilities available with the stall. Many of the exhibitors are selling their products only through exhibitions and they also give their products to whole sellers.

According to another exhibitor, the date and time of the exhibition is very important. People come to stalls during evening hours, on government holidays, etc so the organizers should keep this in mind for such exhibitions. Sometimes if we make sale also then the money goes away in giving the stall rent. So organizers should support in some ways to such small exhibitors of giving some rebate in stall rent. In business there is up and down but still one should participate in exhibitions. 

According to another exhibitor, sometimes only some commissions have to be paid to the organizers and also that depends on the sale of the products. If the sale is there the commission needs to be paid and if there is no sale then there is no commission needs to be paid. This is very good marketing method and should be encouraged.

According to another exhibitor with snacks as their products - They take stall inside the main exhibition hall. They are not there to sell the products but rather to promote their brands through distributing leaflets. When the product comes first to the market, many are not aware of the brand and the product but after participating in the exhibitions, the entire city comes to know about the company and their products, branding mileage is there in exhibition, company is coming under direct contact with the customers, inquiry is generated and deals are made.

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