Friday, 4 November 2016

Value addition to fishery business

The value addition scope is not there in Fishery business in Ranchi/Jharkhand. It was tried in few hotels but that was not very successful. There is local fish but local fish is in dead condition. Andhra Pradesh fish size is good and so there is demand for it in parties. Fishes are transported in vehicles loaded with water.

Breeding of Pungacious fish was first done in Jharkhand of India. The Fishery department of Jharkhand can meet 50 kg or even 2 quintals of the order for Pungacious fish today. It is a special species. In Odisha, there is no demand for Pungacious fish. In Bihar, there is high demand for Pungacious fish. There is competition of Pungacious fish in West Bengal. In Howrah, there is fish market. But the traders have their own syndication. They allow fish from other states but only on their terms which the farmers of Jharkhand  do not like and cannot compete with their terms and conditions.

In Jharkhand in one lorry, 150-200 or 300 kg fish can be transported. There is Cage culture fisheries in Jharkhand. There was production of Monosex Tilapia but the farmers are not showing keen interest because their business growth is not at par with the Pungacious fishes.

The main hurdle in Fishery business are:
  • One cannot change the taste of people
  • If the husband and wife both go to office and when there is fast life and it is difficult to handle making fish and washing fish then only value added fish would be in demand.
There are two types of market of fish:
  • Fish ready to serve
  • Fish ready to cook
There is a place in Jharkhand, where privately rice and fish curry is being sold near court during lunch hour. There is one bowl of rice and two pieces of fish in fish curry.

According to a Senior Officer in Fishery organization, Jharkhand and Bihar can be developed. The Fishery Department is going to open a restaurant in future with fish as the prime dish. Small scope may increase in this kind of value added fishery business. Ladies can enter by cooking and ready to serve. There are lots of problems because of Government rules like health management programme etc. Frozen Shrimps are being exported.There can be promotion by taking a fish plus eggs plus chicken stall in railway stations. It is complete protein food. Passengers may like this in railway stations who have been traveling for 24 hours in train because it is very spicy food and energizing food. Pungacious fish is boneless fish. It has a particular smell and taste. As it is intra muscular skeleton fish, it is best for boys who do not like to take out the bones in fish. Pungacious fish food is for ready to serve purpose. Pungacious species seeds are coming from Vietnam. In one cage there is 3-4 tons of Pungacious species fish and take 1&1/2 years to grow. Approximately 27,000 Cages have been floated. Unless and until, 40,000-50,000 annual production will not take place, no industry can come into this business but small farmers business can happen by producing 5 tons to 10 tons fish daily. If UNICEF through WHO does some experiment to make a drink because the fish flesh is very soft, then the non-vegetarian children will be very much benefited because it will be a very nutritious drink. It can be a tool to remove anemia. It is easily digestible protein and good quality protein. It has a very low percentage of cholesterol. It will be very advantageous for heart patients. There will be value addition #valueadditiontofisherybusiness. Cage production of Pungacious species of fish is taking place in Jharkhand which is first in India and presently on top.

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