Sunday, 23 October 2016

Fishery business scope

If fish farming is taken up commercially by entrepreneurs, then there will be poverty reduction #fishfarmingforpovertyreduction.

In Jharkhand, the ponds have become polluted by Fly Ash near Patratu Dam and in the fields where pesticides are given and as that water in the fields comes to ponds, the growth of fish is affected. There is no breeding because fishes are breeding in fields etc so pesticides are adversely affecting the growth of fishes.

There is very good business scope in fisheries. There is requirement of 1,40,000 ton fish in all Jharkhand because 93% of people of Jharkhand eat fish. Production is only 1.06 lakh ton. Balance is imported from Andhra Pradesh. If somebody starts commercial fish farming, then he can earn a lot of money. There will be business growth. Capital investment is required. Fisheries can be done by  those people who have got money to invest but since people are investing in some other industry/business they are not investing in fishery. If the investment is made in fishery, then the production will increase. Within Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, now loans will be made available to people for Rs 50,000/- to Rs 1 lakh. When the loan will be applied for by the person, the project will be thoroughly reviewed. Bank Credit is there in Andhra Pradesh  but there is no bank credit in Jharkhand and Bihar that is why this sector has not grown. Neither fish farmer wants to take the loan nor bank wants to give the loan. 600 crore is going to  Andhra Pradesh, as fish is coming from there and 100 crore is going to West Bengal in the form of seed. So there is lot of business scope in this.

According to a fisherman, he started his business without taking loan and he did not want to take the loan for his fish business. He wanted a big place to sell the variety of fishes so that people need not go to another corner to buy a different variety of fish. His place should be that one stop centre.

According to another fisherman, he had difficulty of selling the fishes in the same market and found it a very hard work of maintaining the fishes like freezing the fishes etc. He was undergoing loss and so he was not interested to go for loan.


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