Sunday, 1 May 2016

Marketing methods of communication

Entrepreneurs may use these methods of communications in their marketing efforts.
  • Postal correspondence - Direct Post Advertising/Direct Post Marketing
  • Making calls through mobile
  • Getting miss calls/back calls and answering those calls on mobile
  • Toll Free Number
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Awareness campaign
  • Digital Media Marketing
Cost of Postal correspondence - Direct Post Advertising/Direct Post Marketing 
Price: For example Local (Ranchi) is Rs 1.50 per article and Inter city is Rs 2/- per article. Examples are letters, brochures, posters etc. Postman makes the delivery of any of these items but no delivery slip is provided by the Post Office. The Pin Code is required. Size is A3 size paper. Minimum of thousand pieces are required for Direct Post Advertising/Direct Post Marketing.There is no to and fro addresses on the article but the own company address can be given on the articles for example on the pamphlets. The recipients delivery addresses are given to the post office along with their Pin Codes so the Post Man can hand it over the articles to those recipients.This kind of marketing is being used by many companies and could reach a large number of customers.

 Cost of making calls through mobile: Cost for a second on mobile is 8 paisa and for a minute is 48 paisa and this is one of the BSNL cheapest mobile plan.

Cost of getting miss call/back call and answering those calls on mobile: Cost of answering miss calls on mobiles would depend how long the customer is making the call.

Cost of Toll Free Number: Cost of Toll Free Number include security money deposit (one time) is Rs 13,000/- plus Sales Tax 14.5% plus quarterly rent for three months is to be paid in advance @ Rs 1000/- plus the call charges as made by the customers every month. One can start with reconnection again after severing the services with only Rs 3000/- quarterly rent payment in advance.

Cost of E-Mail marketing: Cost of e-mail marketing would include only internet connection cost. This kind of marketing would reduce or cut cost of communication very much.

Cost of creating awareness: One of the methods could be to make a Power Point Presentation on the computer to your target markets.

Cost of Digital Media Marketing: A small demo in the form of Power Point Presentation could be given on social media and this would include only making the Power Point Presentation on your computer.

A combination of the above methods of communications may be used by the entrepreneurs to reach their customers in their target market.

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