Monday, 9 May 2016

Copyright for business

Entrepreneurs/ businesses can protect their ideas from being stolen through Copyright. Entrepreneurs if you have an idea that needs to be protected from being stolen, then it is necessary to take a Copyright.

Process for Copyright: If the idea is a business method and it can be submitted in a written format, then it falls in to the category of literary work and under literary work one can take a Copyright of their business method. Copyright would be in the business name and there can be only one owner. If there is another person then his or her name could be there separated by comma, but the Examiner would decide who would be the owner. The application fee is Rs 500/-only and the application can be made both online and offline. If the application is made online then the person has to log in to fill the application form. After submitting the application form along with the fee of Rs 500/- a Diary number would be given through the mobile number or through the e-mail id. The entire processing could take 3-6 months time. When the Diary number is provided, then the entrepreneur has to reply with the two copies of the same business method that was on the application form. The moment the Diary number is given, the entrepreneur's "business method" becomes a Copyright material although the processing takes longer  but the company can carry out its business activity for that business method. The Copyright would protect the business idea both nationally and internationally. The entrepreneurs/businesses should take the Copyright of their business idea/ business methods to protect their company from their competitors and with whomever they do their business. This is one of the business requirements.

Other basic business requirements may include a website, online presence of the company through social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and etc,  company name and logo, office contact address, e-mail id address and a bank account.

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