Thursday, 27 August 2015

Youth entrepreneurship opportunities

Youth entrepreneurship opportunities may be found in the District Industries Centres (DIC), entrepreneurship training programmes, government organizations concerned with small industries, government micro small medium enterprises (MSMEs) organizations, Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC), National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), NSIC Marketing Intelligence Services, Office of the Development Commissioner Small Scale Industries. There are various schemes of banks that may allow for youth entrepreneurship opportunities. Youth entrepreneurship opportunities may be found by participating in bank msme meets, bank women entrepreneurs meet etc. Youth entrepreneurship opportunities may also be found in the marketing of raw material itself like for example marketing rough granite blocks (which can be marketed internally or for export purposes), raw handicraft tussar silk etc. Banks hold town hall meetings for entrepreneurship development. Reserve Bank of India has a mandate that all banks should give 40 per cent of the total lending to priority sector like for micro small enterprises loan etc. For bank loan if the project project proposal has not been approved by banks then one can go to Reserve Bank of India concerned department.

From the Entrepreneur Development Programme  (EDP) training  youth may get to know about District Industries Centre (DIC) which may be the first place for the youth to visit. From there youth may start for their industry. You may get to know about the various industries suitable and existing locally and in the state so that you can choose an industry, you get the help to know the various locations for your industry, you get to know about the places to visit to find the locations of  raw material availability, market, help in preparing the project proposal for your industry, get Small Scale Industry (SSI) certification, help for subsidy application, help from DIC and Director of Industries to know the various government schemes for buying small scale industry products. So the office of the District Industries Centre is an an adviser throughout. 

In the msme meet, women entrepreneurs meet etc which is organized by banks from time to time, youth can participate with their queries in these meets and get solutions for their queries and may understand more about the viability of their chosen business.

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