Wednesday, 5 August 2015

youth entrepreneurship ideas

Grandeur Industries at says, "Raw material (the traditional handicrafts) and the market for traditional handicraft products can become an incentive to make large number of new entrepreneurs.

Very few people know about the market for traditional handicrafts so very few people venture into this business and when many people will know about the market (these organizations) many would venture into this business.

The market for traditional handicraft product can popularize itself through Entrepreneur Development Training Programme (EDP) and in many other various ways to reach out to youth.

The organizations conducting Entrepreneur Development Training Programme (EDP) can invite the handicraft buyers to speak in their training program so that the youth get an opportunity to know about this market and so many future entrepreneurs may venture into this business."

The idea above is for the general youth.  If the youth gets to know about these handicraft buyers, many youth may venture into the handicraft business. All the previous posts in this blog may also help the youth in handicraft business. There may be poverty reduction and achievement of mdgs of United Nations.

Grandeur Industries also says, " Grandeur Industries is conducting a online demand and supply meetup international event festival from 2nd July onwards for all who wants to become entrepreneurs and for the business growth of  other entrepreneurs.

This event will provide you with an opportunity to gain knowledge about the requirements of your business, if they can be met and for you to choose the best business.

We can use the symbols " and # to search and develop business online.

You can use these symbols " and # to type in your demand and supply of raw material, market etc in your social ;post and discover each other online.

For eg; type "#demandgranitetiles". Similarly, you can type for what you supply. For example: "#supply granite tiles". You can search and the search engine can help you discover each other to start your business. More examples are:
"#demandtraditionalhandicrafts" or "#supplytraditionalhandicrafts
"#demandlimestone" or "#supplylimestone"
"#demandtruck" or "#supplytruck" and etc.

Venue: Online
Type your demand or supply of your materials etc on your social post like Google plus etc and on our Send Enquiry Now or Contact Now Form or simply on our Send Enquiry Now or Contact Now Form. Can visit msmemart/grandeurindustries for more information on this event.

This is a place where you can experiment for various businesses to decide the best one for you. A place for business solutions for new entrepreneurs."

The UN organizations and the NGOs working for the entrepreneurs can use this platform. It may make many entrepreneurs.

They may take this information to the handicraft artisans also and make it possible for them to participate in this event to supply their products for example #supplyhandicraftwoodenpaintedtoys and etc handicraft items.

This way both the youth and the artisans meet online and develop handicraft business.

This event may bring less struggle for entrepreneurs, with specific reference to first generation and new entrepreneurs. This may also result in poverty reduction and attainment of one of the mdgs of United Nations.

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