Friday, 21 August 2015

Entrepreneur marketplace for sustainable development

A market for selling and buying small industry products.
Government can provide a marketplace where small scale entrepreneurs can showcase or sell their products. A marketplace where all of the small entrepreneurs may gather at one place to showcase or sell their products on a particular day weekly. Sometimes it is stipulated that the Government also buy from small scale entrepreneurs. They can also be present in this marketplace to give a chance to all entrepreneurs and buy from these small industries present there so as to give a fair chance to all. A ringing of a bell at a particular time may start the market business every week. Every entrepreneur can have a table and chair and wear a badge representing their particular industry so that it is easy for consumers to look for them for their particular products. All industries locally may be present there or participate on a rotation basis every week. Volunteers or company heads or the representatives can represent the companies there. Government can create ads for this marketplace on TV, radio, newspapers and through other channels to create awareness about this marketplace so that many consumers and sellers get to know and participate in this marketplace. When a small entrepreneur sets up a business he generally thinks of a local market to survive. So the Government may organize this marketplace in  district level in a state. This may help create a brand for every industry in the district. For those suppliers who cannot supply the required quantity or have excess demand in the marketplace may also buy from the nearest suppliers locally or from another district and so entrepreneurs may develop business with each other also. There may be networking, market and growth of business.

Government and small industry associations may work together to create such market place for small entrepreneurs. 

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