Monday, 10 August 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility and entrepreneurship

One benefit of volunteering is gaining skills in an interested field and Corporate Social Responsibility is Corporate giving for the betterment of the community.

Banks are comfortable in giving loans for soft industries to women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs go with the project proposals to banks. The project proposal is interpreted by banks as the business acumen of women entrepreneurs. Sometimes women entrepreneurs go from one bank to another bank for bank loan, making themselves, more knowledgeable in this process about the industry, to convince the next bank and take bank loan.

There are various government schemes for imparting training in entrepreneur development.

Corporate can take the responsibility for the development of young women entrepreneurs, as one of their CSR initiatives. Corporate can take young women as volunteers in their company, so that they acquire the practical skill sets to successfully set up and run an industry of their choice, so that it is easy for banks to also invest in them for an industry, which may not be considered as a soft industry by bank.

The women volunteer, there, can learn about the raw material, manpower, market, money and management which are essentials for an industry, to become successful entrepreneurs.

The women volunteer there will learn the source of raw material, how much raw material is required, how to ensure the constant supply of raw material, number of labourers required, male and female labour cost, number of staff required, staff salary, factory space required, number of machinery required, type of machines required that is automatic or manual machines, cost of machines, who are the suppliers of machines, the production technology used, how much production is made per day, how much unit is sold per day, packaging required, kind of transportation to be used, who are the purchaser of the goods, how much money is required for the day to day production, the best location suited for that industry, how to price a piece, what profit should be added i.e. profit making, gain knowledge about the competitors in that industry, who are there in this business and who may come up in the future, how to make a brand of a company, management of the staff etc. They will learn and can command the technical know-how of an industry. They learn all the dos and don'ts of an industry, in that company, so as to become successful women entrepreneurs. In addition, they may develop contacts with the suppliers of raw material, build market connections, develop networking opportunities with others in the business and there they acquire the skills of writing their own project proposals. They also get an opportunity to know whether that industry is suitable for them or not. The women volunteer if they run into trouble in the course of their business may also take help of the corporate in the successful running of their industry.They are now more experienced, more confident, more knowledgeable and can now approach the banks with a solid proposal for approval by banks.The corporate support to women volunteers may add more credibility for the women in the eyes of the bank to consider the women for bank loans.

The UN organizations like UNV/UNDP and the corporate can collaborate and develop the practical skills of an entrepreneur in women that may result in empowerment of women, gender equality and in the making of many more successful women entrepreneurs. This may lead to poverty reduction and achieving the mdgs of the United Nations.

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