Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Handicraft questionnaire

Before you start your handicraft business, know all these to better equip yourselves with the skills in this business.
  • Why people buy traditional handicrafts?
  • What are the sources of handicraft items?
  • What are the handicraft business opportunities?
  • Which handicraft products to take up to start the business?
  • Can artisans make the handicraft product as per the buyer's specifications?
  • Who are the people who buy handicrafts?
  • What are the different handicraft products of a particular place?
  • What is the sales volume of the handicraft item in your target market?
  • Which handicraft products are more in demand from others and why?
  • Where would you be selling the handicraft products? 1. setting up your own shop 2. taking orders and supplying to the buyers
  • What packaging is required for the handicraft product? 
  • What are the uses of the handicraft products of your choice?
  • Are equipment required to lift the handicraft product for transportation like for heavy stone items etc?
  • How to sell the handicraft product online, offline etc?
  • How is the export market for the traditional handicraft product?
  • What are the purposes of handicraft product? For example: gift, decoration, souvenirs, teaching and learning (material) with the handicraft items etc
  • Is the handicraft product affordable in your specific market?
  • Can artisans make bulk production of the handicraft so as to meet the orders because it is handmade?
  • What is the time involved in making a single product piece?
  • How many artisans are required to make a single product piece?
  • Can you make timely delivery to your buyers?
  • what are the government and private orders the artisans have to meet? What orders of yours they can meet after supplying to them?
  • Are there enough skilled manpower for production of traditional handicraft?
  • How much the artisans can produce? Numbers and quantity to specify?
  • Are they hiring other craftsmen? 
  • Will the artisans give quality handicraft products? 
  • Do artisans have sufficient raw materials?
  • What price they quote to the government and what price they quote to you?
  • How will you market traditional handicraft? Will you supply to government buyers, private buyers, hotels, relatives, emporiums etc?
  • Will you exhibit handicrafts in trade fair or participate in international fairs? 
  • Do you have sufficient money or will you need to raise money from banks?
  •  Should you learn the craft before taking it up for business?
  • Who are the master craftsmen?
  • Who are the awardees?
  • Which product and design has been selected for national award?
  • What are the designing assistance being provided by the government to the artisans? Whether you can avail these benefits? 
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