Monday, 7 September 2015

Clue search engine

Freshness and events are two search engine things that entrepreneurs may know and utilize them may be for quick and successful business presence online.

According to Google, "Freshness- Shows the latest news and information. This include gathering timely results when you are searching for  specific dates".

Entrepreneurs may plan for an event online (that also says about dates) because due to the Freshness factor and also since Google filters by events, the business may become quickly visible,  attract traffic which is the entrepreneurs business brand goal  and may be attract the future customers also. Using Google FREE Keyword Tool entrepreneurs may create the name of the event and have a high quality content for the event/business to be found on the web. 

According to "Google Inside Search Tips and Tricks, (learn more about what you can ask Google):
Filters by:
  • Events - Look up the date for upcoming events and holidays.
  • Conversions - Convert currency, volume, weight and more.
  • Songs 
  • My Packages
  • Reminders
  • Camera - Take a picture.
  • Websites - "Go to"
  • Local Movies
  • E mails- You can also say an email address like "Email"
  • Entertainment Trivia
  • Finance
  • Calendar Events - "Create an event dinner with Jamie at 8 PM"
  • Local Business - "Where's the nearest ice cream shop?"
  • Nutrition
  • My Contacts - Find phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays, and addresses from your Google Contacts
  • Directions
  • Social
  • Music
  • Navigation
  • TV Shows
  • Famous People
  • Travel Info
  • Dictionary
  • Menus - "Show me the menu for Los Cubanos."
  • Alarms
  • APPS
  • Places
  • Customer Service
  • Images - Explore the world through pictures.
  • Sports
  • Radio
  • My Schedule
  • Time
  • My Photos
  • Phone calls
  • Weather
  • Tip Calculator
  • My Trips
  • Translations
  • Notes
  • Local Businesses - "Call Fierror's Pizza?" Call any business, like a restaurant, florist, cafe or comic bookshop
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Texts"
 Entrepreneurs and businesses may utilize these tips and tricks i.e. look into these filters/clues and may take appropriate approach for how they want (or to enhance) their business presence online.

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