Thursday, 25 May 2017


Can Franchise help in protecting a business? Will there be less chance of other businesses copying a business if the business has Franchise marketing?

In Franchise, the company giving franchise has the know-how and branding of the company.

According to a professional in Franchise, any company can take a franchise from a company with dedicated agreements and the company stores are run by their own people and own staff.  Franchise can protect a business to some extent.

According to another professional in marketing, Franchise has to follow guidelines on service timing, price, ambiance of the store, store hiring process as per the agreement. Shop In Shop (SIS) is better for small businesses than Franchise. In Shop In Shop marketing, a company takes certain area on rent inside the store/showroom and sells his/her own company products. There is Above the Line  (ATL)  marketing and Below The Line (BTL) marketing. BTL marketing is done through, leafletting, auto, and small campaigns in society . For example, small businesses can go to a society associations and conduct drawing competition. There will be company standee and through the company standee the small business can advertise their company. Although the painting competition was organised for like 200 kids but actual target for the business company was the kids parents. Above the line marketing is through TV, Radio and Newspapers.

Franchise marketing can help in protecting the business/company giving franchise (to other companies/businesses). #FRANCHISE #BusinessProtection businesses/companies can give their views on this through the Comment box.

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