Sunday, 7 May 2017

Decoration of a showroom

According to a professional from corporate retailing outlet, for entrepreneurs/businesses to showcase their showrooms in front of their customers to bring more market, it should be based on these principles of decoration:

Outside decoration: For outside decoration signage should be used.

Ambiance of the showroom: Ambiance means how do you give a shopping experience to customers? Ambiance of the showroom is as per the season. The showroom is decorated generally as per the seasons like spring, summer etc so that buyers can get attracted. In summer generally the focus is on linen shirts, dresses which should be showcased in the primary window so that the customers can visualize it and come inside the store. Apparels should be highlighted so that it feels it is summer.

Visual Merchandising: Visual Merchandising is how you showcase your product so that buyers get attracted to the product. For example in the month of July all the products can have visual merchandising. The showroom can be decorated like giving 20% discount so that maximum stock is sold out and new stocks can come in. It could be done by the visual merchandising team also. They may come and decorate accordingly.Visual merchandising team changes the store display.

In a showroom marketing how do you keep your product that is the presentation of the product is very important: 
  • Window decoration:  It can be with venyl paste decoration (images of models with products) or with different mannequins. The mannequins-his/her clothes that they are wearing must be available in the showroom.
  • Fixtures: One example of fixtures is wooden table or wooden shelves. Merchandise are displayed on particular fixtures according to the colour, theme etc. For example for ladies there are different hangers and for infant there are infant hangers.
  • Showroom tiles: Two types of tiles are mainly used for flooring. 1. Black tiles 2. White marble tiles.
  • Venyl Paste: There is the use of venyl paste (containing model and product image or just products image) decoration.
  • Lights: There should be proper lights in the showroom.
  • Air Condition: The showroom should have air condition from inside.
  • Glass mirrors: There should be glass mirrors inside the showroom.
  • Signage: Signage matters very much. Price is highlighted. Sizes are communicated through signage. Signages are made up of thick papers, can be colourful. It depends on the company standard/policy.
  • The look and feel of the showroom is important for customers to stay inside the store. For example, if somebody is coming   inside the store and if AC is not working, then the customer will not stay in the showroom as the outside and inside is same for him/her. If music speakers are there in the showroom if it is too loud the customers may not like it.
  • Different vendors are there for different designs and display. There can be a different vendor for showroom mirrors, a different vendor for showroom tiles etc. One can hire a interior decorator also.
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