Thursday, 6 April 2017

Viirtual reality event app to conduct trade shows/expo

Virtual reality like marketing app for Business will  remove the marketing problems and advertising problems of any business to an extent. Business owners keep conducting events by putting up in an expo to display their products, to collect buyers and to broadcast about their companies which is also expensive and many a times lot of entrepreneurs are not able to participate.

virtual reality business
So why not have a virtual reality like digital app that will capture the entrepreneur's Cubicle as per its physical display in reality as they will be in any trade show or in an expo or in any other business events. There can be in the app as many as 20-30 cubicles slides/photos or more at a time where the companies can display their products, a feature of a video like to explain about their products by the real owner/representatives as there will be clicks or something like that in this virtual reality app in place of footfalls and as the individuals/participants move from one cubicle to another cubicle in a physical set up cubicles to interact and to gain more information there can be a feature for real chatting like thing in the app that can have the real owner/representative at that time to satisfy the queries about the company and the products there and then as each individual/participant/buyer moves in this Expo through clicks like applications. In place of actually physically distributing brochures, pamphlets and visiting cards that happens in an actual expo there could be downloading like thing of brochures and visiting cards to develop contacts. There can also be face to face contacts there and then if possible. There could be this event for a day or 3 days or for a specific period of time with the owner or representatives present all the time. After one expo there can be another expo for other businesses organized on this app, giving opportunity to all business as in real time events. The entire setting is of real time. This digital app - the virtual reality app can be made for organizations with free of cost entry to make it possible for as many as organizations to participate. The announcements of the events can be made through traditionalmedia and social media and the registration can take place through the use of social media also.The businesses are not taking any physical cubicle but a cubicle made ready to just use as per the requirements of the businesses.

#virtualreality This virtual reality app to conduct trade shows/expo may benefit micro and small businesses in marketing their businesses. Entrepreneurs can give their likes.

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