Sunday, 25 June 2017

Office Visiting Hour APP and Smart Cities

If an office visiting hour app is developed for entrepreneurs, then it may save time, money, petrol/gas/diesel expenditure etc of an entrepreneur while visiting buyers in their "office visiting hours".

The entrepreneur may keep salesman or may himself/herself meet people to market his/her products.

This office visiting hour app should be such that it may fix up an appointment with the officers/buyers etc to make possible face to face talk with them and others. This APP may utilize the same procedure as what the entrepreneur will do after reaching a particular office to meet the buyer in their office visiting hours. The entrepreneur after reaching the office, gives his/her details in the visitors register like name of the officer to meet, address, phone number and his/her signature and the IN time and OUT time. With this APP, there could be same procedure. There would be only internet connection cost to be born by the entrepreneur so instead of going to meet people/buyers in their offices, the app could be the meeting or visiting hour place. As in the most of the offices there is a fixed visiting hours, this app may utilize the same visiting hours as per the office rules. The APP could have a database of many offices. The same appointment could be fixed by the entrepreneur may be through a phone feature or other feature connections in the app. There could be an APP assistant to fix the appointment and the time could be conveyed to the officer/buyer in request. After fixing the appointment, the entrepreneur can on that day be able to talk to the officer face to face using the video and share his/her details/ copies with the officer/buyer through a sharing button. A sharing button should be included so that the entrepreneur can share the documents with the officer/buyer and wait for the officer's/buyer's response as it just happens in a physical meeting (with the entrepreneur after forwarding the documents is waiting for their response). Also a buzzer can be added in the APP to call the app attendant to look for other documents as required at the time of meeting so that feature may also be added so that the officer/buyer can ask for those papers at the time of meeting or call others to be present with him in that meeting. It may also happen that the officer/buyer may ask the visitor to meet another officer. The APP assistant may then guide the visitor to that officer. This feature may also be added. After the meeting ends, the end could be made or the discussion could be closed in the APP just like as if the entrepreneur physically walks out of the officer's office room. Sometimes, it also happens that a few things the visitor may have missed out in telling to the officer and may immediately return to the office if the visitor has not left the premise totally so there can also be a "Return Button" to press and wait to enter the officer's room again in the APP. The "Return Button" could remain active for few minutes only. If the entrepreneur has to go to another state to sell his/her products and has to meet people in their visiting hours now he could save on his/her expenses on air/train travel and time. If this marketing tool be developed, it may help all not only entrepreneurs but all for example others who need to settle down their electricity supply/bill discrepancies or phone discrepancies etc so that instead of going to the office physically they can visit the office through this Office Visiting Hour APP. It would bring the world closer for the entrepreneurs just like in e-commerce we have a variety of items from worldwide to see and buy that is how with this app in terms of meeting people in their visiting hours there would be many buyers to see and to talk, there would be savings on many of the aspects of a business and it would be possible to meet many buyers in less time.

This Office Visiting Hour APP will not only benefit entrepreneurs in marketing but also help   others in dealing with their other requirements that uses Visiting Hours in a office. This Office Visiting Hour APP will make "Digital World"/ "Smart Cities". Please share your views on #officevisitinghourAPP #smartcities #digitalworld.

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