Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Role of Artificial Intelligence

Search Engines are trying to give best search result landing pages that the user is looking for. Search Engines can also look into this aspect discussed below while giving the best result pages if that is possible.

If a person has done good work the teacher appreciates the work and can understand how different the particular student is and award him/her by differentiating his/her work from other students. Every other student comes to know that this particular student has done outstanding work different from them. There is a satisfaction of achievement for that student. So a question crops up: What does the Search Engine mean when a Search Engine says, it is the best result page. A search Engine has not studied all these many subjects or done a masters or Phd in that particular subject or all subjects. Then can search engines differentiate between all the posts on the web and determine the best posts although it has a different way to come up with the search results? If there is outstanding work on web but not from someone very renowned then can search engine know that it is the best work? Can it really give the result for the best work in that particular subject? Although everybody is going to a search engine website to get their questions answered  is it really the best answer or then how relevant a Search Engine is? Or a Search Engine does not have to worry on this account. There may be very useful, relevant information from someone not known that may benefit the user. Can search engines decide that it is the best post?

According to an User - a research scholar in social media marketing with reputed Business School, PhD is more specific, here research gap is studied. MBA is more implementation in real world. With Google Search Engine, personalization, opinion mining, sentiment analytics in social media, quality parameters, weighted algorithms having different weights, context search, build your profile etc are taken into consideration. We cannot expect a Search Engine to be technically doing PhD or MSc in a particular subject. Page ranking is one of google algorithm and it is one search engine website that even today has weightage. It is the way Search Engine works.


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