Thursday, 11 February 2016

ICT and entrepreneurship

As mobile has reached even the villages, it can be used to motivate farmers and girl children for entrepreneurship. The outcome of the study of how to use the mobile for motivation and in disseminating information about entrepreneurship is:

According to a Faculty Member, IT Samiti, Jharkhand, The Government of India's ICT initiative is reaching the farmers. The information is driven through various ICT channels like Farmer Portal, Kisan Call Centre and Mobile USD service. Kisan Call Centre has a free Toll Free number. There are large farmers and small and medium farmers. There are 120 experts nation wide and they are sending SMS in hindi language to these farmers. The farmers database is there in the agriculture database. The farmers are using low end mobiles. As using the USD service, we can know the balance on our phone the Government has adopted the same method to meet the various demand and supply of the farmers for example, information is being sent about agriculture pesticide to meet the demand and supply. This information can also be found from the Kisan Portal, from SMS, from USD service and from Kisan Call Centre (Toll Free number). Where there is internet connection, kisan (farmer) can look for information on Kisan Portal but where the internet connection or knowledge is less, kisan (farmer) can find information through Kisan Call Centre or SMS that are sent to them.The rural citizens are farmers and their database exists with the Agriculture Department. If separate department like Welfare department or industry department or other departments or UN organizations can collaborate with the agriculture department for database of farmers accordingly then adopting the same ICT methods of sending SMS, calling Toll Free number of Call Centre and mobile USD service may motivate the farmers and their girl children for entrepreneurship through capturing interest through information. 

According to a woman member of a group of some 20 members, they got Rs 10,000/- free money from the Block to start some business. They are getting Rs 10,000/- every year from the Block. She started her micro business of potatoes, garlic, onions with the money that was distributed among the members of the group. She is depositing Rs 50/- every week with the group and takes if needed loan at the rate of 2% from the group but the interest rate is different for outsiders of the group and it is 4%. She also has a plot where she grows rice. She wants her daughter to be successful in whatever she wanted to do and if she was not successful and needed money then she could always join this family business any time. But she wanted awareness about entrepreneurship or how to make her business big from receiving SMS information or receiving information through other channels. She said she does not have enough time to spend on reading SMS but would prefer a caller tune - a song about entrepreneurship for motivation for herself and her daughter. But if that was not possible then if she knows about the SMS for entrepreneurship then she would read that also. She said why only her daughter even she wanted information and guidance and more loan to grow her business.

 The information could be given or motivation could be done through songs/caller tunes also.The song could be like this for example: Village Village get ready, your daughter is to bring recognition to you and your family, where there will be wealth and fortune but for to know these you have to call the Toll Free number .

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